Let us live in harmony with nature

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In harmony with nature

When we live in harmony with nature, our body heals and rejuvenates itself. To live in harmony with nature, it means to return to the simple and natural diet, to learn to breathe properly,to do many exercises, to expose our body to water, air and sunlight.

Do we all do this, or for convenience we no longer prepare our own food, we do not manage to take the time to go out more often in nature, to admire it. Our lives can be long if we don’t shorten it ourselves.

Unfortunately, it is worrying that the immune system of most people is already weakened at the age of 20. Even the strongest antibiotics are ineffective against new viral infections. The germs have declared war against humans and its outcome is unpredictable.

Let's live in harmony with nature
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A weakened immune system is an effect of violating the laws of nature. Our health starts as a child. The only food suitable for babies is breast milk, which nature itself provides. Only breast milk creates a healthy microflora in the large intestine, with bacteria that protect the baby against all infections.

Breast milk contributes to the development of the natural instinct of preservation. However, if a child is fed with artificial food, practically, from birth, the large intestine degenerates and is not able to protect the child against diseases. His body has low immunity and frequently gets sick.

Most of the time, children are stuffed from small with antibiotics that destroy all microorganisms, both disease-causing and useful. This leads to frequent constipation, a problem that becomes even more serious when consuming refined and syntheticproducts.

Let us live in harmony with nature
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The result is that the body suffers from a degeneration of healthy microflora, a disease called dysbacteriosis and a weakened immune system. For this reason it is good to protect children and teach them from a young age, to live in harmony with nature, with simple, natural foods and to live outdoors in the air and sunlight.

Nature doesn’t invent new drugs

Lately there are more and more disease-causing bacteria that are developing in our body. Excessive consumption of meat, sweets and white flour products harms our body. If we have an incorrect diet for many years, we create ideal conditions for the development of harmful bacteria.

It takes many years to develop a new antibiotic, and the bacteria for which it was created has plenty of time to change. Nature doesn’t invent new drugs, they’re here, we just have to be aware of that. Garlic has been used for many hundreds of years against all kinds of infections and will remain the best antibiotic.

Let us live in harmony with nature
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Is there the right medicine for all diseases? I don’t believe, as I don’t believe in ads that offer unusually effective remedies against all diseases. There are no wonder drugs, as there is no easy method to maintain our health. The fact is, we can’t buy health from pharmacies.

Improved medical technologies

Despite powerful drugs and improved medical technology, we are still exposed to disease. Hundreds of thousands of people die of cancer every year, millions die from heart disease and what is very interesting, even rich societies suffer from more serious and complicated diseases.

This is because no one can produce drugs against eating habits, incorrect breathing and physical inactivity, in other words, against an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is true that we have an arsenal of sophisticated medicines against all diseases and yet we forget a simple truth, that pain is a signal to our body that something is wrong. The drugs were invented to eliminate pain, but it does not remove the causes of the problem, but only its symptoms.

Let us live in harmony with nature
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The large number of medicines has caused a large number of diseases, because all medicines have side effects and while we are fighting one disease, we create another. This has caused a multitude of problems affecting all organs of the body and for the sake of comfort, medicine has specialized in treating certain component parts of the human body.

Thus, our whole and complex system, described as mind and body, was divided into the heart, kidney, liver,nervous system, brain, spine. Cardiologists have started to treat hearts, urologists, kidneys, ENT specialists, treat the ears, nose and throat. Since then, we haven’t existed as a whole. Medical technology has not been able to fully protect us.

What causes the greatest harm to our health?

We humans are very much like trees. We have a support structure called the spine, we have roots that feed us. If anything happens to the spine, we expose ourselves to a lot of diseases.

Let us live in harmony with nature
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There are several factors that can damage our health: incorrect breathing, bad eating habits, insufficient exercise and also negative feelings and thoughts. We always have problems and dilemmas and they significantly shorten our lives.

Although vegetarians are considered more resistant than those who eat meat, both categories suffer from various diseases. It’s best to be moderate in everything. It is one of the fundamental conditions of our survival. The only thing that shouldn’t be done in moderation is to smile, the more, the better. Good health!

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