Life is movement

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Movement influences our lifestyle

An active lifestyle in which we combine current activities with movement helps us better assimilate the energy we receive from the natural environment. Movement is beneficial for all, young or old. Movement is very important especially for sick people. A sick body needs more physical movement than a healthy one.

life is movement
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Those who suffer from heart disease and circulation problems or react poorly to changes in atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms, solar radiation, temperature changes, too hot or too cold, should do regular exercises to strengthen their body in the face of these factors.

We need to understand a simple truth: life is movement. Active lifestyle not only protects us from diseases, but helps us eliminate some of the diseases we already suffer from. What’s stopping us from doing this?

Motivation helps you get started, but with discipline you keep acting.

If we’re used to thinking ,”I have so many things to do, I don’t have time to exercise,” it’s time to change our minds. Movement, exercise, are as important as food for muscles, internal organs and the brain. Lack of physical movement makes us weak, sick and ages us prematurely.

Movement is vital for the proper functioning of the heart, muscles and circulatory system, for the effective removal of debris and toxins and for increasing the efficiency of our entire body.

life is movement
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Movement changes our lives, brings us energy, beauty and youth, contributing to psycho-emotional health. Movement balances the level of serotonin in the brain, also known as the “happiness hormone”, responsible for the well-being of the body. Moving does not necessarily mean a gym membership. There are countless ways to gradually increase the level of movement and it can be integrated into everyday life.

Barefoot movement charges our batteries

Life is movement. Our body behaves like a battery with positive charge at the top, including the head and the negative one in the lower body and in the legs. We get the positive charge from the universe and the negative charge from the ground.

Walking is rightly called the king of exercise. No other exercise brings so much harmony to the functioning of the muscles. Walking does not require any special equipment, can be done anytime and on any kind of weather. A daily walk, even one or three kilometers, stimulates in a wonderful way the heart muscles and circulatory system.

It is best to exercise in the fresh air, in the park or in the forest. During a walk, we need to be relaxed and think about the fact that, at every step, blood circulates through our blood vessels cleanses us and nourishes our body. We can even create some positive mental stereotypes by repeating at every step “I’m healthy and strong, I’m young and beautiful, I’m full of energy”. When we walk to heal, it’s important not to get tired. The movement should make us feel light and refreshed.

life is movement
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Walking barefoot not only strengthens the immune system, but also prevents back, shoulder and leg pains, which sufferers suffer from, women who wear high-heeled shoes and a sharp tip.

Hippocrates said: “The best footwear is the lack of shoes.” Worldwide, studies have been done on the processes that barefoot walking stimulates in the body. There are about 72,000 nerve endings in the legs. Walking barefoot acts as a natural massage and positively influences the functioning of internal organs.

When we started using shoes, we lost touch with the earth’s electrical charge. This causes a wide range of ailments, such as headaches, nervousness, neurosis, heart disease and more.

Regardless of age, take such therapeutic walks in your bare feet as often as possible. You will notice positive changes in your health with each day. You will have more energy, a restful sleep, good mental state and a renewed desire for life.

Running, moment of joy

Running is one of the best ways to strengthen our immunity to infections and maintain our vigour and health. Spartans used to say, “If you want to be strong, run! If you want to be healthy, run! If you want to be wise, run!”

Running strengthens the walls of blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, develops the gastrointestinal system and strengthens the spine,joints and muscles. The benefits of running have been known for many years. There have also been cases of heart problems due to intensive running exercises. However, problems can occur only if we do not take into account the specific capacity of our body, in violation of the rule of gradual increase in intensity, important in any physical exercise.

life is movement
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It is good to get the habit of moderation in everything we do, food, drink, exercise, because our goal is to improve our health. The untrained and polluted body cannot support intensive running exercises.

In order for running to make us feel refreshed, young and healthy, we have to follow a few rules:

  • We only use shoes with the right size and the correct shaped sole.
  • Ideally, we should run on the ground and on the grass, because shocks absorb and strengthen muscles and joints. Running on asphalt can cause injury and inflammation of the joints.
  • Run every day to maximize the beneficial effects of running.
  • If you haven’t exercised in a long time, alternate running with normal walking. Run 30 meters at a time, then walk for a while (don’t force your body).
  • Don’t force yourself too hard, relax your muscles and take small steps. It’s not the distance, it’s how the muscles are practiced. Mild shocks on the heels push the flow of blood from the veins upwards. Works as a massage, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents the deposition of cholesterol and salts in blood vessels and joints.
  • Dress well, to cause sweating, which helps to cleanse the body.
  • In the evening we can run two, three hours after lunch. Running should be a moment of joy, not a burden.
  • It’s good to exercise alone. Everyone’s health and physical condition is different and allow for different running speeds and intensities. Beginners who run with an experienced group and try to maintain the same rhythm can endanger their health.

Health depends on the balance between nutrition and physical activity.


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