Long life with strong bones and felexible wrists

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Strong bones and flexible wrists

Long life with strong bones and felexible wrists
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Health means having strong bones and flexible wrists. There are many factors that influence the condition of our bones and joints. Diet and movement are just two examples. We have a high degree of control over these two factors and it is necessary to remember to make the right choices.

No matter how much we care about our body, toxic salt deposits will always form in bones and wrists. They limit our range of motion and cause painful inflammations such as rheumatism, arthritis, gout,etc.

There’s only one factor that no one can control: “aging.” The pain of bones and joints is more and more common among young people. Children, young people and middle-aged people, have problems with bones and joints. The name of the disease is of no importance for those suffering: rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, gout,etc.

Kidneys control bones

Long life with strong bones and felexible wrists
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The kidneys control the water element in the body and ensure that the balance between fluids is maintained. Kidneys play an active role in the growth and development of the bone system because they produce the bone marrow “the essence of life”. When their energy decreases, dizziness and states of exhaustion appear.

According to traditional Indian medicine, in order to maintain our health it is necessary to consume as many liquids as possible. In the yoga tradition there are seven main chakras, located along the spine and thousands of other secondary chakras.

Their activity allows the manifestation of the full potential of a human being. The seven main chakras form a deep and harmonious system that stretches across the body through the nerve ganglia, linking our physical existence to deep, high, non-physical planes.

The second chakra is associated with water and further on with liquids. Liquids pass through the body faster than solids and help purify the body and avoid a toxin overload of the kidneys.

Kidneys are the seat of will and the depository of the essence of life in Indian medicine. At their level we find our own vital essence inherited from the parents as well as the essence of the other organs.

Breathingis controlled by the lungs, but its source, it’s in the kidneys. This is why kidney disease can lead to dyspnoea and other respiratory disorders.

Kidneys are influenced by the sixth thoracic vertebra, if it is displaced it can have a dangerous effect on kidney activity.

Kidney problems and mental predisposition

Long life with strong bones and felexible wrists
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For some people, failures are the salt and pepper of life. For them success means only confirmation of a capacity, on the other hand a failure means for them a welcome chance to recognize what is really missing, an opportunity for learning and development, saying: “aha, so it doesn’t work like that, then let’s try something else”.

They have a mental predisposition for kidney problems: “ I’m really disappointed. I was planning on doing so many things, but now I’ve failed. What will people say? I’m so ashamed. Who can tell me I can do better based on new beliefs?”

There is no guarantee or promise that can protect you from the following truth: things that were valid and tested yesterday can and often be useless and meaningless today.

Change doesn’t take into account the length of time you need to come to terms with the ups and downs of life or whether you have succeeded or not. It is very good that this happens because otherwise there would be no birth and death, both kinds of events being in fact liberating phenomena.

Regular cleaning of bones and wrists

Long life with strong bones and felexible wrists
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When you want to follow a therapy it is necessary to remove salt from the menu, as well as foods with high protein content (liver, roasted and smoked meat, salted fish, meat soups, eggs, cheese, urda, etc.).

Eat more salads, fruits and wheat germs. You can add very little saltto salads to stimulate the kidneys. Avoid sweets, as it prevents the proper functioning of the kidneys. Here are some steps of bone and joint cleansing therapy:

  • Tea from bay leaves. It takes three days. Boil 300 ml water, add 5 g bay leaves, then leave the small heat for another 5 minutes. Pour into a thermos and set aside for five hours, then over 12 hours drink this tea with small sips. Never drink the whole extract at once as it can cause hemorrhage. The same continue on day 2 and 3. The best time for this therapy is summer or autumn. It can be done in two stages and only once a year.
  • Carrot, celery and parsley juices,three to four times a day, for two weeks.
  • Fresh currants and currant leaves. Teas are made from young leaves and fresh currants,frozen or dried, and can be drunk throughout the day. This method can be used all year round, cleanses the kidneys and is a rich source of vitamins.
  • Eat strawberries, cherries, pears, apples, watermelon and vegetables such as cabbage, cucumbers, onions, garlic, green beans, horseradish, turnips, leeks, black radishes, lettuce, parsley, as they have diuretic effects, eliminating urats.
  • Practice movement of any kind. Physical exercises are very important, especially those related to the lower abdomen and hips and beyond.
  • Emotional release through various exercises as well as reflexotherapy,performed by an experienced therapist.
  • It’s good to cry,to scream, to ask someone to hold you, there are ways that can eliminate your energy blockages.

It’s good to find friends to work with who give you the care you need. Don’t forget the lesson: “balance in everything”. Long and beautiful life!

Keep your faith in all the beautiful things. In the sun that went down, the summer that passed.


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