Mandatory requirement for restaurants that want to get the most desired Michelin stars

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Romania on the map of Michelin stars

Obtaining the famous Michelin stars are an emblem of the quality of service, but especially of the dishes that are served in the restaurant. It is a pride for those who hold such distinctions, which are obtained with a lot of work and perseverance. It is very clear, getting Michelin stars is for those who do this work with passion. And yet passion is not enough, it requires to meet standards and requirements almost impossible for many.

Where will the first Michelin-starred restaurant open in Romania?

Reviews, advertising, tourism and as many customers as possible

Like anything that is talked about a lot, it means advertising and at the same time as many customers as possible. Some specialists have criticized the awarding of Michelin stars for the simple reason that those who make reviews have an affinity for French cuisine and the formal style of having dinner. What’s more, others say that these restaurants are reserved for financially potent elites, who pay several hundred euros on a tiny portion of food. Snobbery and epaulation that have no gastronomic relevance would say others!

None true of all this. There are two kiosks in Singapore that have received one Michelin star each. “It’s the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.” Customers stand in line, standing up for a delicious menu that costs, only two dollars. Those who ate chicken here with soy and noodles were extremely pleased. How about that?! The fact is that the process of obtaining the coveted stars is a very laborious one. Inspectors who make the reviews, focus on quality, technique, personality and consistency of food. They ignore the décor of the restaurant and even the services it offers.

It is a mandatory requirement for restaurants that want to get the coveted Michelin Stars
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Before obtaining the first Michelin star the restaurant receives no less than 4 national visits. The second Michelin star is granted after 10 visits by national and French inspectors, and the third star is granted only after the unannounced and detailed control of international inspectors. Michelin stars are quite difficult to get, but they are even harder to keep. The quality of the food and the story on the plate should amaze the fine noses and taste buds of demanding inspectors.

A mandatory requirement

Romania needs international recognition and needs to participate in as many gastronomy competitions as possible, he told us Mr. Stephane Oprea President of the Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute in Romania. “We have brought to Romania, the Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute where students are already taking their first steps in the art of gastronomy. With the diplomas obtained, they can reach the most exclusive restaurants in the world and especially they can open their own restaurant. Organizing competitions where the best chefs will be selected, increases the chances that Romania will be on the road map of the restaurants from the Michelin Guide.”

Stephane Oprea - President of the Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute in Romania
Stephane Oprea – President of the Disciples Escoffier Culinary Institute in Romania

A kitchen with international recognition, it needs quality ingredients. Fruits and vegetables that are used in Michelin-starred kitchens must meet the criterion of freshness, and the diversity of dishes is defining. Romanian cuisine based on traditional products must evolve. The kitchen is an art!

Mr. Stephane Oprea wanted to talk to us about permaculture and what it entails. Those who want to own Michelin-starred restaurants need quality, fresh, organic raw material. A mandatory requirement for those who want to get the coveted stars is to purchase the raw material from organic farms located at distances of less than 50 km, from where the restaurant is located.

Enzymes maintain and repair the body and its functions
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Moreover, it would be ideal, where possible, for each restaurant or hotel to have its own farm, and to use fresh organic ingredients. Thus, on several hectares of agricultural land, Mr. Stephane Oprea has set up an organic farm, where he grows animals in the open air, grows vegetables and owns an orchard of fruit trees for his restaurant La Maison de Jardins. In this way it has the safety of the quality raw material, respecting the quality standards and offering its customers a special culinary experience.

Permaculture is a way of designing and designing perennial farming systems, based on imitating natural ecosystems. These gardens are inspired by natural meadows, which work quite differently from industrial crops, so widespread today.

The farm provides its own fertilization, has its own mechanism of disease control and humidity regulation both during rainy periods and especially in dry ones. They function as an environmentally autonomous system. The cultivation cycle begins about a month before the last frost, when preparing the seeding beds, where the technique of layered composting is used.

Mandatory requirement for restaurants that want to get the most desired Michelin stars
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The ecological garden is one of the mandatory requirements for those who want to get the coveted stars and for all of us, for health and a communion in harmony with nature. Here we find all the ingredients for a perfect life.

Let us respect the Earth, because its wisdom becomes an entire universe for the one who seeks true harmony.

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