Mango fruit that rids you of depression

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Mango wonder fruit

When faced with an intense stressful situation, depression, disappointment, abandonment, it is good to eat a mango. Whenever we consume these wonder fruits, we feel how we reorient our direction and open ourselves to opportunities to live a happy life, connected to our destiny. Mangoes change our lives from the perspective of emotional state. These miracle fruits, raise our morale and heal us when we feel lonely, hurt, abandoned, rejected, forgotten, removed, giving us a great power of manifestation.

The consumption of mangoes helps us to calmly manage stressful, extreme situations in our lives. Here you can find a wonderful recipe of smoothie with mango: Detoxifying juice with mango. If you want to achieve distinct results it is good to consume two mangoes a day.

Mango – multiple benefits

The fruits are rich in beta-carotene, magnesium, phenolic acids, beneficial for the skin, prevent skin cancer , diabetes, calm the central nervous system, preventing strokes, convulsions and even heart attack. It is advisable to consume these fruits before physical exercise, without feeling our fatigue at the end. The pulp of the fruit protects the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, curing constipation.

Mango fruit that rids you of depression
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Other diseases and conditions such as: Alzheimer’s, gastroesophageal reflux, stomach or skin cancer, insomnia, kidney failure, kidney stones, adrenal gland fatigue, fatty liver, sunburn, infertility, muscle fatigue, mental fog, anxiety, constipation, inflammation of the brain, increased cholesterol, can be remedied by eating mangoes, longer periods.

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