Oil therapy

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Oil therapy removes toxic substances from the body

Oil therapy
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Oil therapy in folk medicine, refers to the vegetable oil that we keep in the oral cavity, for 30 minutes, to achieve the therapeutic effect. You’ve probably seen little kids suck their finger. This reflex is provided by nature as part of the child’s preservation instinct. The task of this reflex is to produce large amounts of saliva, which has antibacterial effect.

This is probably where folk medicine took the idea of oil therapy that uses a similar mechanism. The amount of blood circulating through the oral cavity in 30 minutes is about 3.5-4 liters. Vegetable oil has absorbent qualities. This therapeutic method with oil, uses these qualities to absorb toxic substances from the body.

Oil therapy is a method that we can use in the treatment of inflammation of the veins, chronic anemia, paralysis, eczema, swelling, gastrointestinal and circulatory disorders, cancer, joint pain and many others, which may be less serious, but still disturbing. This oil therapy is also beneficial for oral hygiene.

Oil therapy, essential steps

Oil therapy
Image from Pixabay

Oil therapy is one of the simplest methods for cleansing the body of toxic substances. It is a painless and absolutely harmless method. Siberian healers used this oil therapy with very good results.

Therapy should be performed on an empty stomach, in the morning or in the evening, before bedtime (three to four hours after the last meal). For therapy, use a spoonful of sunflower oil or hazelnuts,hold at the front of the oral cavity and imitate the suggestion of a candy for 25-30 minutes. The process doesn’t have to be very intense.

The oil will thicken at first and then it will become more liquid and white. Spit the oil after this procedure. It should not be swallowed, as it contains substances that can cause many diseases. This method can be used whenever we need. This therapy makes us feel energetic, rested and calm. We’ll get our sleep and our memory back.

Acute diseases are cured quickly, in two to three weeks. For chronic ones, it lasts from a few months to a year and we should be aware that therapy could bring with it certain mild symptoms (e.g. feeling weak) in the first week. This phenomenon is associated with the weakening of the focal points of the disease. It is normal and we have to go through this experience as well.

The therapy done correctly will have obvious effects, such as: more energy upon awakening, a better appetite and the feeling of freshness. Each of us can assess our health and make our own decision about the duration of therapy. Healthy people and children can use the method for two weeks as a preventive measure.

This oil therapy helps us prevent disease and remove toxic heavy metals that are even found in healthy organisms. I don’t have to convince anyone that prevention is better than treatment. Oil therapy works best if used daily for 1-6 months.

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