Peaches 6 recommendations for health and beauty

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Health and beauty with peaches

Eating peaches brings countless benefits to our body. It is good to consume peach fruits especially in season, for delicious flavor, but especially for its rich content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The peach comes from Persia, where the Latin name comes from, and it was also spread to the Roman Empire. According to some manuscripts, it seems that the origin was China, more than 4 millennia ago. Peach fruits are fragrant, easily digestible and with a lot of therapeutic recommendations.

Peaches – therapeutic recommendations

Peaches 6 recommendations for health and beauty
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Fresh peach fruits contain 85-89% water, protides, carbon hydrates, organic acids, mineral salts: Na, K (200 mg%), Ca, P, Fe, I, vitamin A, beta-carotene, B1, B2, niacin and about 9 mg% vitamin C. From peaches, the distillation process produces a volatile oil containing esters, linalol and acids: acetic, formic, caprilic, aldehyde, cadinen.

Peaches facilitate digestion. Due to the high digestibility of the pulp, peaches, facilitates digestion, protects the digestive system, being recommended especially for the elderly, debile or dyspeptic. For some people cooked fruits are better tolerated. Peaches help to eliminate toxins from the colon, stomach, liver and kidneys, due to the fiber and potassium content.

Peaches are a wonderful stomahic stimulant on the digestive glands. They are also slightly laxative, but more pronounced diuretics and depuratives, being recommended in the diet of those with urinary lithiasis, gout and rheumatism.

Cleans the skin. Peaches are an excellent remedy for cleansing the skin. Vitamin A and C, present in these fruits, are essential for skin health. Vitamin A, moisturizes the skin, restores its suppleness, softens it, while vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against free radicals. Consumed as such, fresh or applied directly to the skin (very ripe ones), helps greatly to relieve wrinkles and colds, improving the appearance of the skin.

Peaches 6 recommendations for health and beauty
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Maintain eye health. Beta-carotene, nourishes and protects the retina of the eyes from free radicals, prevents the appearance of cataracts and macular degeneration that occurs with age. Beta-carotene, is an essential antioxidant for eye health,improving blood circulation throughout the body.

Cholesterol under control. Fruits help keep cholesterol within normal limits and even prevent these problems. Consumed daily, they keep under control and prevent the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. They contain no fats, have very few calories and natural sugars, making them ideal in case we want to follow a healthy diet.

Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. They are excellent for gout and rheumatism, due to their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Vitamin A, reduces inflammation, quite upsetting symptom in the case of these conditions. The laxative, diuretic and depurative effect of these fruits make them useful in the diets of those with urinary lithiasis and as shown above, rheumatism and gout.

Blood pressure under control. Fruits have a high potassium content and low in sodium, which helps maintain optimal blood pressure. Potassium and sodium regulate the level of water in the body, normalizing blood pressure. Vitamins and minerals present in fruits, provide support to red blood cells, improving vascular health.

How to use it

Peaches 6 recommendations for health and beauty
Image from Pixabay

Fruits are consumed as such fresh, in the form of juice and compote. Cosmetic masks are made with ripe and crushed fruits as well as crushed leaves. Peach flowers and leaves are of very high medicinal importance. Peach flowers have a very pleasant aroma and can be used as a mild, non-irritating laxative in the constipations of the little ones. They also have diuretic properties, being useful in nephritis.

For children, a highly fragrant syrup is prepared from a concentrated infusion of flowers and fruits (100 g per litre) with an equal weight of sugar or honey. Boil on fire until the composition reaches a syrupy form. Take 20-30 g per day.

With flowers and peach leaves can be done a double treatment against internal oxides in the form of infusion and external with poultices. Peach flowers have sedative properties, being useful for children with nervous states. They have antispasmodic properties, being useful for calming cough. Infusion of leaves or flowers (can be made and mixed): with 1 and a half tablespoons per cup of water or milk. Take 2-3 cups a day. Health and beauty together!

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