Perfume and skin a beautiful love story

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Perfume, a journey into the world of the senses

Perfume, goes beyond the natural line of flavors and emotions. “Perfume gives the user a journey into the world of the senses,” said Karyn Khoury, vice president for the global development of Estée Lauder perfumes.

There are as many perfumes as skin types. It is not about color, but about the pH of the skin and subtle and sublime developments, which change from one epidermis to another. The air freshener molecules transform, play with each other and make it so that, from person to person, the same fragrance smells differently.

The fact that the same perfume smells different from person to person makes it magical and precious. It becomes personalized, adapts and gives its notes, flavors to all those who join it. A beautiful love story is created between perfume and skin.

Perfume with floral notes

Perfume and skin a beautiful love story
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Most perfumes contain floral notes, even masculine ones, so each time we discover the rose and the maremia which from ancient times, gives us their sublime fragrance.

On some epidermis the rose note is more pronounced than that of jasmine. As a personal reaction, everyone will instinctively choose the perfume that suits them best. Dark skin, as in the case of molders or Africans, reacts especially if the aromas of these two flowers are amber, full and sensual. The acid note does not adapt to their skin. It is a general rule that we must take into account in order not to make mistakes.

Dark-skinned people might choose the fragrance : “Presence d’une Femme Intense” at Mont Blanc, where the note of the lotus flower is paramount, followed by mandarin and pepper. As a result, the cyclamen, orchid and some traces of caramelized fruit give an appetizing (but very discreet) note. The composition is harmonious, suitable for the natural tan of the skin to live. The persistence of the fragrance is given by sandalwood, vanilla flowers and patchouli.

Perfume between tastes and smells

Perfume and skin a beautiful love story
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When I worked in this area of beauty, I understood all these differences that cause a perfume not to smell the same on all people. We need to take this into account and only purchase quality products. We don’t trust generalities, and above all, we don’t judge appearances in haste.

A perfume can be sold in two ways: either we already know what perfume we want or we want to buy or try a new one. But in any case it will not be the color of the skin that will influence our choice. We must be our own psychologist who understands the motivation and exigency that directs us to a particular fragrance.

Remember that nutrition plays an important role on the pH of the skin. Japanese people eat mostly fish, as opposed to Europence which consumes a lot of dairy and meat. Africanwomen, especially those of Mediterranean ethnicity, use a lot of chillies, spices, which turn into body odors. These differences in nutrition make the difference, causing perfumes to smell differently for each individual.

An Indian girl doesn’t perfume in the same way as a Tahitian. There is a tradition of environmental nature. Thus, in India, women tend to embellish their hair with tuberose flowers. Depending on the regions, can be jasmine flowers or ylang ylang. In Tahiti, the thiaré flower, with a suave vanilla fragrance, adorns the hair.

Africa prefers exotic wood flavors and exotic animal and floral notes. Here, it is about an alchemy between the sun-hot skin and the smell of exotic perfumes. Every country, every culture has its favorite smells.

Perfume, a shared pleasure

Perfume and skin a beautiful love story
Image from Pixabay

It should be noted that some epidermis “refuse” certain essences without an apparent cause. For some it may be amber, for others sandalwood or patchouli, the vetiver. In a word, perfumes merge with the smells of the body through a particular alchemy,which can harness a perfume or make it unbearable.

How many times have you heard the statement: “I love Aromatics Elixir, only when I feel this perfume at a friend’s, in my case I can’t stand it, because the smell of roses becomes predominant and is not suitable for my skin”. The result: it can only be used for the fragrance of the environment.

Some people are content to perfume their clothes and avoid spraying perfume directly on the body. But sometimes these epidermis react better to light toilet water, provided they spray the perfume throughout the day.

Guerlain had the brilliant idea of directly addressing Jean Paul Guerlain to make a light, fragrant water on the theme “Shalimar“, one of the great world classics. The starting point is bergamot, the substance also present in the previous fragrances of this mark. It is a pungent, lively and fresh fragrance. The asomy was chosen for its pleasant and easy smell. The most harvested rose from Grasse, is a wonder and highlights the powdered note of the vanilla of Comores. It is found in “Shalimar”, but in a less intense version. It is an ideal fragrance for all skin types: light, medium or dark.

There is no fragrance-free elegance. It is the unseen, sublime and unforgettable accessory. It announces your arrival and prolongs your presence after you’ve left.

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