Perfume of lime blossoms

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Lime blossoms

Who does not love the inviting fragrance of lime blossoms. We walk in alleys, in forests and everywhere, we feel the unmistakable scent of lime blossoms. The lime blooms in late June and early July. The lime (Tilia tomentosa Mnch), is a tall tree with a disset crown, straight stem, gray bark, smooth, up to 20-30 years, then with cracked ritidom.

Perfume of lime blossoms
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The leaves are codiform with a sharp, greyish-silverish tip on the lower face (hence the name white, silver lime). Lime blossoms with a pronounced smell of type 5 with hawthorns, have yellow-gold petals and 5-11 staminods. The flowers are grouped 5-10 in pesente crowns. The fruit is a smooth achen that blooms in July.

Other medicinal species

Tilia cordata Mill (pussy lime), has smaller yellow flowers and are arranged 3-16 horizontal crowns. It blooms in June-July and is spread across the country.

Tilia platyphylos (large leaf lime) blooms ahead of other species in early July. These lime blossoms are larger, yellow, fewer in a cimous, pedensy, staminod-free bloom.

Tea from lime blossoms

Perfume of lime blossoms
Image from Pixabay

The lime blossoms are harvested when some of them are in the bud state. Contains active principles such as: mucilaginous substances, farnesol, flavonoids, tannins, triferpenic substances and even sucrose.

Tea from lime flowers, contains active principles, which fluidize secretions in the airways, soften tissues, reduce inflammation and soothe cough, intensify sweating and has antiviral action. Farnesol present in lime flowers has mildly sedative properties and flavonoids produce spasmolytic and diuretic effects.

Tea from lime blossoms is indicated in various therapies: in colds, flu states, bronchitis, insomnia, states of mental tension and in cardiac disorders on the nervous background. Lime honey, is very valuable from a nutritional point of view, and is also recommended in the therapies presented.

Care recipe with lime blossoms

The dark ones fade if applied on them small compresses with infusion of lime flowers (may even be sachets) 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Hold for 15 minutes. Against wrinkles is recommended steam baths from the infusion of lime flowers. Place two tablespoons of flowers in half a litre of boiling water and hold the face over the bowl for 10 minutes.

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