Psychological age vs. biological age

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Psychological age, our subjective experience

Psychological age is closely related to biological age. Psychological age is our subjective experience of how old we feel. There are a lot of people who, at old ages, said they felt better than in their thirties. In the past they were dissatisfied at work, did not eat well, smoked or did not have time for activities they considered relaxing for them.

When people understood that they could approach exercises for rejuvenation, their mental and physical health improved radically. They have learned to relax and enjoy life, so that although chronologically they are old, they undoubtedly feel younger than they felt years ago. Attitude is the art of staying young!

Psychological age vs. biological age
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When the body works in a more efficient, energetic way, we live this state full of vitality and we feel much more alive. While we cannot decrease our chronological age, we can improve the most important indicators of biological and psychological age, regaining the physical and emotional vitality we had in the past.

Psychological age – eliminates unnecessary conditioning

We all need to be firmly convinced that we can rejuvenate psychologically, living without unnecessary limitations. Unfortunately, there are also many people who act and think within the very narrow limits of what they were taught in childhood, without questioning the basic assertions that structure their view of the world.

Ever since we were born, we’ve been entering into a current conversation about the world. As soon as we can talk, we engage in discussion, reinforcing, with our own thoughts and actions, the patterns of thought and behavior that surround us. This is an indisputable truth about how we see the body and its aging.

Until recently, few questioned the assumption that ageing is irreversible and therefore, generation after generation, people have reinforced the usual belief that ageing means a gradual decline in physical and intellectual capacities. It is beneficial to change the way we think and behave and to change both our body experience and the aging process.

How we restore our vital energy

Psychological age vs. biological age
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The body is holographic, so when we change a bioindicator, we influence everyone. Unfortunately, the society in which we live leads us to believe that as we age, we deteriorate physically and mentally. When we break away from this conditioning, we will learn from our own experience that every day, in all ways, we can increase our physical and mental capacity.

According to Ayurveda medicine, the ancient tradition of Indian healing, aging is an illusion, because our truth is neither our body nor our mind. The nature of our essence is, who we really are, it is the field of all-present consciousness that watches over and that is beyond our mental and physical coverings.

Consciousness gives rise to thoughts in our minds and molecules in our bodies. By accessing consciousness, in which time and space have no meaning, we can lay the foundations for emotional and physical renewal. Although the most profound way to improve health and rejuvenate, is ultimately a spiritual one, almost no one is ready to immediately accept this approach.

Psychological age vs. biological age
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Many of us want to lose weight, others may want to quit smoking, others seek the perfect relationship. Each of these needs is important in its own way, but a spiritual approach opens the door to an evolution of consciousness that can make these things possible and much more.

The reason we take any action is the hope that it will bring us satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness. Embracing the spiritual domain, which is the source and purpose of all desires in life, creates the possibility for satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment, independent of the inevitable ever-changing situations, circumstances and people that surround us.

The conscious energy network, woven from the threads of universal intelligence, has a profound effect on our mind and body. When it is clear to us that the reason we want to live up to a hundred or more years is that this way we can express our full creative potential by changing our own chemistry and physiology.

Psychological age vs. biological age
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When we identify our unique talents and commit to using them for the good of others, we strengthen our immune system. When we decide to exercise regularly and prepare a balanced meal,making it a pleasant experience, we improve our circulation health and reduce blood pressure.

Our perceptions, interpretations and expectations influence every aspect of our mental and physical health. Changing perspective and new options can change our lives. Change for the better of any component of our lives, will have a positive influence on the whole state of health.

The more we are able to replace life-threatening choices with life-supporting options, the more experience we will experience deeper physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Exercise improves our muscle strength, which will lead to increased bone density. Improving exercise capacity leads to improved immune function. Our attitude to life will show us the beauty of our psychological and implicit biological age.

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