Refreshing Gazpacho

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Gazpacho creamy juice

Gazpacho is a creamy and naturally revitalizing juice when energy levels drop. Gazpacho is the name given to a tomato soup in Spain. I turned this soup into a creamy juice, which can be a full meal into a single glass. Because it is so healthy, this gazpacho juice, keeps the bouts of hunger under control and is a natural revitalizer.

Ingredients for gazpacho juice:

Refreshing Gazpacho
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We need: 1 red pepper, cut in half, 1 carrot,1/4 red onion,1 garlic clove, 2 tomatoes, ice cubes for serving (optional). Squeeze all vegetables, then serve the juice with ice.

This gazpacho juice has countless health benefits. Red onion is rich in sulfur, which supports liver function and contributes to the elimination of toxins. It contains allicin and other powerful natural antibiotics that fight infections (including parasites that affect digestive health). Especially red onion is rich in chercetin, which has anti-inflammatory and defensive qualities. Revitalize yourself with this gazpacho juice! Good health!

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