Regeneration, the miracle that rejuvenates us

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Regeneration, a hope!

Regenerating the miracle that rejuvenates us
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The regeneration of the body occurs primarily by adopting a healthy lifestyle with natural nutrition. In this way we stimulate the regeneration of each organ and postpone the aging of the body. We are in a constant receivement, every moment cells in our body die and new ones are born.

Our body has the ability to periodically replace what is old and worn out with young tissues, ensuring a miraculous self-regeneration. Some cells have longer lifespans, others shorter, as such the organs renew themselves at different rates. For example, red cells go through a full life cycle in four months and white cells in one year. The skin changes every two to three weeks, the colon at four days and the bones at ten years.

Every seven years, our body regenerates itself, which means we become other people. When the body is loaded with toxins,cellular regeneration is defeated. We can naturally stimulate this process through proper nutrition. We can regenerate and prolong our youth.

Liver regenerates in five months

In the case of the liver, however, the regenerative and survival power of the cells depends on the energy received, and this must also be renewed. There are several methods of feeding biofuels (bioresonance, homeopathy, bioenergotherapy, integrated medicine, phytotherapy, gemotherapy), which would lead to the formation of stem cells, those that regenerate tissues, remaking the sick ones.

The most handy method of liver regeneration remains healthy nutrition. The liver is a well-vascularized organ and has an amazing regenerative power. For example: if 70% of a person’s liver is removed by surgery, it will grow back, almost entirely, in just two months.

Even in the case of alcoholics, the liver can regenerate, liver cells renew every 150 days. If this did not happen, the body would be stuck with waste and would no longer work. In the case of cirrhosis, however, the liver no longer has any functional cells and cannot regenerate.

The liver rejuvenates and regenerates with foods rich in folic acid, B complex vitamins, licorice, dandelion, silymarin, aloe juice, salmon oil, alfalfa, parsley, carrot, oregano, ginseng, milk thistle. Popular medicine supports the use of yellow flowers, for liver health.

The heart rejuvenates every 20 years!

Regenerating the miracle that rejuvenates us
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Recent studies show that this organ is equipped with stem cells that constantly rejuvenate, at least three, four times during life. The heart stays in shape with exercise. The substances beneficial to the heart are resveratrol ( extracted from grapes) from red wine and ginseng. Other remedies that stimulate stem cells and rejuvenate the heart are: Hungarian infusion and royal jelly.

For the heart to function well and the blood vessels must be healthy. Red blood cells live for about four months. It is good to eat foods rich in iron such as: red meat, eggs, chicken or beans, corn, beetroot, cocoa. The plants that fight anemia are: vine, wild chestnut flowers, hawthorn, pine, pumpkin,celery.

Narrowed blood vessels can regain optimal size by the body’s own forces, which can even build new arteries. It is very important to maintain a healthy diet in which to reduce salt and cholesterol. The best foods for heart health are: eggplant, carrots, onions, soy, fish, yogurt, sunflower oil, apples, quince,oat bran and barley. And of the most recognized plants are: cress, leeks, garlic, horseradish, cabbage juice.

The intestines regenerate every three days

The age of the intestines is only two to three days, because they are exposed to highly corrosive chemicals, such as gastric acid. Certain portions, which are protected with a mucus from this acid, regenerate every three to five days. The cells of the intestinal mucosa feed and regenerate 70% with the help of Omega fatty acids. They provide protection against cancer and inflammatory diseases of the intestine.

The best foods that help the regeneration of the intestines are: sauerkraut, parsley, sea buckthorn, arnica. 25-30 grams of fiber are required every day. The lining of the stomach ( mucus ), changes completely every five days.

Lungs regenerate every few weeks, but also every year

Regenerating the miracle that rejuvenates us
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The lungs contain multiple types of cells, which regenerate at different times, the most time requiring alveolar tissue: about a year. Cells on the surface of the lungs regenerate every two to three weeks. Pulmonary emphysema, however, can prevent cell regeneration, permanently destroying the cells of the alveolar tissue.

Vitamin A (retinoic acid) is recommended for effective regeneration of the lungs. The most popular foods are: carrots, sweet potatoes or mangoes. Antioxidants help restore the lungs. Vitamin C and flavonoids are found in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially in berries, greens, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and cherries. Dairy, fish, water and coffee improve lung activity. Very important is especially smoking cessation and outdoor movement.

Cornea regenerates throughout life

In the eye, the only component that regenerates throughout life is the cornea, within 24 hours of an accident. For a good view it is important to eat fish, carrots, blueberries, eggs, garlic, spinach. The eye is protected by genes. The top ones have 150-200 bristles, and the bottom ones have 75-100. Genes fall off and are replaced by others every two months.

Skin regenerates every two weeks

The skin protects the body from the various substances with which it comes into contact, and to recover from injuries, it takes about two weeks. As you get older, the epidermis loses elasticity due to lack of collagen and dehydration, which reduces its ability to regenerate.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. For healthy skin we need fiber, whole grains, foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (fatty fish, avocado, nuts, flaxseed,pumpkin, almonds), meat, fish, eggs, unrefined vegetable oil and oily fruits, berries, citrus, tomatoes.

Intercostal muscles regenerate every 15 years

Regenerating the miracle that rejuvenates us
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After the age of 25, we begin to lose about 250 grams of muscle mass. The most affected areas are the hips, legs and back. This inevitably entails a decrease in the body’s physical flexibility and strength, presading accidents.

The most recommended foods that increase muscle mass are: beef, almonds, beetroot, brown rice, oranges, melon, eggs, milk, cottage cheese.

Neurons, the only cells that don’t regenerate

Our brain starts with the cells we have at birth, around 100 billion. As we get older, some of them degrade, which explains the bouts of dementia in some people. However, there are two areas of the brain that regenerate: the olfactory bulb, responsible for the sense of smell, and the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the learning ability.

The cerebellum is three years younger than our body. This part of the brain is located in the back of the brain and controls motor functions and balance.

Scientists can’t explain why neurons don’t regenerate, but it’s assumed that the accumulation of toxins is to blame. Problems are accelerated by smoking, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol. Using our brain intensely, it becomes stronger. People who have had intense brain activity throughout their lifetime lose 8.3% less in volume in old age than in other cases. Exercise is very important for stimulating neurogenesis.

The most important foods for brain health are: berries ( blueberries), nuts,avocados, bananas, eggs, salmon, eggplant, coffee, dark chocolate,yogurt, green tea, green leafy vegetables, raw carrots, red wine,whole grains, garlic.

Bone regenerates every ten years

The bones are constantly re-re-receding, but the regeneration process ends every ten years. Osteocytes help restore bones, osteoblasts build the bone matrix and mineralize the bone. The regeneration process slows down around the age of 45, when the process of installing osteoporosis can begin, especially in women. The strongest bone density is at 20 years.

The spine can be restored

Regenerating the miracle that rejuvenates us
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The spine also recovers, but most people lose an inch every decade, starting at the age of 40, due to the curvature of the spine. The 23 intervertebral discs, which absorb shocks on the spine, gradually compress. Especially during the day they are tased, but reattached during sleep. Therefore, in the morning, the height of a man is 1-1.5 centimeters higher than in the evening. The decrease in height is a sign of the occurrence of osteoporosis, especially in women and in men, may be associated with a heart problem.

Those who lose 2.8 centimeters or more in 20 years are 46% more likely to have coronary heart disease. Only a fifth of people manage to maintain their height as they age. People who drop in height, according to studies, are more prone to hip fractures.

With the passage of years and the bones of the face shrink, the first being the jaw, due to the loss of teeth. For bone regeneration, the food must contain foods rich in calcium (dairy, green vegetables) and vitamin D (fatty fish, broccoli). It is good to avoid smoking, alcohol and excess caffeine. In conclusion healthy nutrition and movement helps the body in the process of regeneration.

Be healthy!

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