Reiki harmony of life

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Reiki the universal life force

Every human being experiences a unique reiki-related experience, but we all use the same universal energy. When we are in yin-yang balance we manage to live the life we want. Reiki means “the universal energy of life.” Rei is the universal transcendental spirit or boundless essence, and ki means “the energy or force of life”, a word equivalent to chi or prana.

Reiki harmony of life
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There are many variants of the original Reiki practice that draw their roots from Japan. Reiki uses universal energy, being common to many systems that work with energy. But its system is unique. Miako Usui has created this system of personal, spiritual development that is accessible to all.

“The healing of the part cannot be done without treating the wholeness. No one should try to heal the body without treating the soul at the same time… This is the big mistake that is being made nowadays: the fact that doctors are trying to separate the soul from the body.”

The Greek philosopher Plato

The universe is made up of energy. Everything that exists is made up of energy. The energy from which our body is created is identical to that from which a mountain is created. It may seem incomprehensible that apparently an inert and unchanging body has the same source as a living plant, which constantly grows and develops, but which remains very fragile. This energy communicates and unifies the entire universe.

Sensei Mikao Usui

Reiki harmony of life
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Sensei Mikao Usui created the Reiki system in Japan. He wanted to offer people a simple method of reconnecting with their innate spirituality, in a Japan where the values of traditional society had begun to fall apart. His initial intention was by no means to create a therapeutic system that would become world famous.

Healing with his hands is only one aspect of his original ideas, largely influenced by traditional philosophy. The great achievement of Sensei Usui consisted in extracting certain elements of synthesis from these traditions that required 20 years of practice to reach mastery. He created a system of using Reiki accessible to all people, a holistic system for personal development, enlightenment without the constraints of organized religion.

Reiki spread across the globe and evolved to better and better meet the needs of the very different people who practiced it. A number of Japanese masters, led by Hiroshi Doi, shared the principles of Reiki practice in line with the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai system, helping to broaden the perspective of Reiki practitioners in the West.

How do we heal?

Reiki harmony of life
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The healing process begins when we connect with the soul. However, it does not automatically lead to the healing of the physical body, for the person sometimes needs certain life lessons, or even to change his journey in the earth plane and accept his impending death. Therefore, we must not confuse healing with physical health. The essence of the healing process are love and compassion. Love helps us connect with others, with nature, and helps us become one with the rest of creation.

Reiki allows us to reconnect with love and manifest this state of compassion, both in our own body and in that of others. It helps us understand the causes of diseases, thoughts and feelings related to oneself and the world around us, and to be aware of the causes of our sufferings. We must learn to explore these beliefs with compassion and without guilt, including not judging those who have conveyed these beliefs to us, of gender: I am not good enough.

Reiki harmony of life
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The healing that helps people develop their connection with the spirit is a spiritual healing. It can take numerous forms: meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, crystalotherapye, through which the therapist acts as a channel of transmission of vital energy, such as Reiki. Healing through meditation can be done in a group or individually.

In the Reiki system, one can also collaborate with other people to bring instant healing, which focuses exclusively on energy transfer through the hands that can lead to spiritual enlightenment. In order to benefit as much as possible from the Reiki system, we need to practice and apply all five of its elements: Gokai (the 5 spiritual principles), Kokyu Ho(breathing techniques),Tenohira (healing process with the palms of our hands), Jumon and Shirusi (symbols and mantras), Reiju (Tunings).

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