Reiki Japanese Method of Personal Development

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Longevity and harmony

I can say with great responsibility that the Japanese Reiki method has changed my life for the better. I am a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki & Holy Fire III, Crystal Therapist and Life Coach. We have studied Theta Healing, Astrology, Numerology to better understand the causes of all the diseases and blockages that stand in the way of achieving our goals. We have at our disposal an ocean of information, and at this moment we are all in a period of the most fascinating of our evolution.

The vast majority of people worry about age, are afraid of old age and on the other hand want to live longer and enjoy life more than previous generations. Many of them fail to enjoy all the gifts with which they have been endowed due to blockages of all kinds, they end up defeated by their own body.

Reiki Japanese Method of Personal Development
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After the age of 30, slowly, slowly, the decline of body functions begins, which becomes very evident after the age of 60. Then vision, hearing weakens, mobility and memory are lost, insomnia and dizziness appear. These problems arise from dramatic life events that we have not been able to manage properly. The symptoms that depress us the most, are the ones that slowly but surely creep into our lives. We have been taught to believe that the problems associated with old age are irreversible.

We all have someone in our family or various friends who believe that with age they lose mobility and chronic diseases appear. Many of them have no idea how they can prevent or slow down physical and mental decline. Reiki can help us have a harmonious and long-lived life. Even if we can not change the chronological age, this Japanese technique helps us to modify the functional one, bringing it to the level of a much younger person.

We can all combat the aging process with the help of Reiki. When we apply throughout all stages of life this Japanese technique, we prolong vitality by attracting and balancing the Ki energy we need to keep our body perfectly healthy. Reiki helps us eliminate the limiting patterns taken up or learned in terms of physical and mental decline.

Remote Reiki Therapy

Reiki Japanese Method of Personal Development
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In any situation we apply Reiki therapy, we need the patient’s consent, if it is a child by the consent of a parent. The essence of the transmission of energy – the Reiki light, at a distance in time and space, is done by using symbols, along with the mentally stated intention, uttering the name of the person for whom the therapy is done.

Therapy of a past trauma. We all know that the past cannot be changed, but we can fundamentally change the way we relate in the present to the emotionally traumatic events of the past. Traumatic events of the past (the death of a loved one, a divorce, an accident, etc.) can create energetic blockages, which cause illness. For Reiki therapy we invite you to our group – Reiki Harmony & Prosperity.

Therapy for future situations. Two days before an event, job interview, a business, travel or any other wish (which is for our ultimate good), light is sent to that moment in the future. Reiki can also be sent for events from a more distant future. Reiki symbols are activated.

Therapy for cleansing and activation of the chakras. Chakras are interfaces between our bodies, our unseen but present structures, and our exterior. In general, all therapeutic systems deal with the 7 main chakras. They actually are several, but in most ailments it is enough to approach the 7 chakras.

Spiritual Causes of Diseases

Reiki Japanese Method of Personal Development
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The vast majority of diseases and conditions are based on psychosomatic causes, which are due to emotional trauma. There are also Karmic diseases, taken from other lives, from relatives, induced by limiting beliefs and even by magic. Reiki therapy combined with other alternative or complementary methods: phytotherapy, dietotherapy, crystal therapy, massage, helps the patient to improve his life and implicitly the family atmosphere will change for the better.

Almost every disease or condition has an emotional or spiritual cause behind it. Allopathic medicine has finally recognized that there is an obvious link between emotional, soul trauma and the appearance of diseases. Acne, eczema, tonsillitis, allergies (airways to pollen, hay, ambrosia, animal hair), autoimmune diseases, addictions (tobacco, alcohol, sweets and many others), bronchitis, constipation, diseases of the spine, cancer, diabetes, cystitis, cysts, kidney stones and gallstones, tension and nervousness, fever, flu, obesity, hemorrhoids, myocardial infarction, tachycardia, angina pectoris, palpitations, hypertension, sciatica, heartburn and all kinds of pains, have spiritual, emotional causes in the back.

The therapist identifies together with the patient on the basis of medical analyzes, the diseases he suffers from, the medical and spiritual causes, the emotional and energetic blockages, related to the inability to adapt to life changes, the fact that he does not feel valued in the family, the weight he feels on his shoulders, the burdens he has put on himself and finally the lack of self-esteem, devalaring oneself. From patient to patient, there are situations in which once the cause is realized, everything can heal quickly and easily. However, there are causes and old situations that require time and patience on the part of both the therapist and the patient. For therapies, courses and tips you can contact us on messenger or on the Reiki Harmony & Prosperitygroup .

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