Reiki therapy and the crystals

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Therapy of the future

Crystals and precious stones have been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times, and in recent years they have regained their former popularity. Many of us buy crystals for their healing powers but also for their brilliant beauty. As with plant therapy, colors, food and gemstones or crystals, have healing powers, emit unique healing frequencies and we can use them to balance energy.

Crystals can be used in various ways alongside Reiki therapy. Currently, crystals are an adjunct for therapists and Reiki practitioners who are used to building networks of crystals, which they place in the room where they hold the treatments. The crystals are charged by the Reiki energy they amplify. The popularity of crystals is based on their beauty and their ability to relieve various ailments.

2 therapeutic crystals

Reiki therapy and crystals
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There are a lot of crystals with therapeutic properties, but I will refer to two of them, perhaps the most used. Crystals of the quartz family, the most widespread are amethyst and pink quartz. The structure of these stones makes them very effective for storing healing energies. Crystals can be used in different ways. Therapists specializing in chakras usually place them on the body, using a different crystal for each chakra. Energy cleanings can also be done with the help of crystals.

Pink quartz
, it is delicate and of course has pink color. It is the stone of love and promotes forgiveness, compassion and restores emotional balance, helps us to free ourselves from anger and fear. On a physical level, it stimulates and balances the spleen, kidneys, heart, circulatory and reproductive systems.

, is a crystal that helps in spiritual development, promoting divine love, intuition and creative inspiration. It stimulates the pituitary and pineal gland, and generally the right cerebral hemisphere. On a physical level, it supports and balances the endocrine and immune systems.

Crystal cleaning

Reiki therapy and the crystals
Image from Pixabay

The crystals must be purified before and after use at regular intervals. Whether we purchase raw or sanded crystals, this does not affect their strength, it depends on our preferences. It is stored in a soft material or made of natural leather to protect it when we travel.

The simple washing with cold spring water or under the jet of the tap after which it is kept in the sun, is the simplest and most beneficial method of purification. They can still be cleaned if we keep them for 7 days in sea salt. An amount of salt is required to cover the crystal. Cleaning is done periodically, the more often the better. For more details, courses and therapies I invite you to join our group: Reiki Harmony & Prosperity.

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