Remove cellulite with this juice

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Cellulite – the appearance of orange peel

Cellulite, is mainly caused by muscle atrophy. Even very weak people can have this problem. Muscle atrophy is reversible and cellulite can disappear forever. Regardless of weight or age, we can get rid of this problem, naturally, without pills or sophisticated creams.

If SPA treatments with high-performance appliances are ineffective, packaging with aggressive solutions can do us more harm than good, I recommend a watermelon and cherry juice and lots of movement. Cellulite is not genetically inherited and we can get rid of it. Proper nutrition and fitness exercises can strengthen our muscles.

Watermelon and cherry juice, eliminates cellulite

Remove cellulite with this juice
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This juice full of antioxidants helps detoxify the body, reduces cellulite and increases the vitality of the body. Watermelon seeds are rich in antioxidants such as zinc, selenium and vitamin E, so we squeeze them together with the pulp or we can consume them separately.

Ingredients for juice: 115 g watermelon, without shell, plus a few cubes for decoration, 115 g of melon, without shell, 115 g of cherries , pitted,plus a few blackberries for decoration, a few ice cubes for serving. Squeeze the ingredients and serve the juice with ice (optional), decorated with melon or cherries.

Health benefits. Rich in anthocyanins and chercetin, cherries have an anti-inflammatory role and enhance immunity. This juice is designed to relieve and reduce stress, while also being a great source of melatonin, which promotes sleep.

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