Rituals and remedies for cleaning the energy of the house at the beginning of the year

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Rituals and remedies for a fantastic year

An energy cleaning of the house is required periodically and especially at the beginning of the year to make room for the new in our lives. There are rituals and remedies that can help us in this regard.

The Chinese New Year begins on February 12th and it is essential to start these cleanses before. All activities related to cleaning, organization, various repairs is good to do before February 3. We still have enough time to do that. Even if you are not guided by the Feng-Shui theory, cleaning the house is an important requirement for refreshing the energy in the house.

List of rituals and remedies

Rituals and remedies for cleaning the energy of the house at the beginning of the year
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It is good to remember to clean the altars, religious objects at home, to create a positive atmosphere that improves the healing process. No matter what religion you follow, it is good to remove dust from all objects. It is necessary to remove old flowers and dishes to make room for clean and fresh ones.

The plumbing. If you have complex repairs to be made to the plumbing, which you have postponed, now is the time to complete them. This is also true of roof leaks, which is good to be included here. We already know, the feng shui theory says that faulty faucets, where water drips, symbolize money that flows away from your home.

It is necessary to grease all hinges and repair or replace any worn doors, broken door locks, fences or damaged gates. It is vital that we do this to ensure that we have a peaceful year.

Paint the cameras if necessary (fingerprints, peeled walls), choosing the right paint. Let’s check all the lights and luminaires inside and out and replace the burnt bulbs. This is very important, especially at the entrance to the house and in all the rooms where we operate.

Cleaning in cabinets

We’re starting spring cleaning right now. We start with the closets in the bedroom or dressing room and remove the worn clothes, which we no longer wear, because that means poverty. If the clothes don’t fit us anymore or are out of fashion, we can donate them to those who need them.

In the garage,it’s good to throw away all the old stuff we’ve accumulated over time. There may be old electrical appliances or computer equipment that no longer serve us. Newspapers and old magazines are immediately thrown in the trash.

Rituals and remedies for cleaning the energy of the house at the beginning of the year
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The kitchen. It is good to thoroughly clean all cabinets, check the shelf life of products, cans and discard expired products. The refrigerator and freezer are thoroughly cleaned. Broken or cracked pots, chipped cups, all throw away because they create a negative feng-shui. Let’s clean the whole house of any old energy, trying to wash and clean all the areas, to let in the new energy.

We wash the windows,floors and any area of the house. We move the furniture (if it’s too hard we ask someone to help us) and we wipe all the dust. The bedroom is also cleaned. We’ll feel great after we’re done. Everything will shine clean and fresh air to make way for new opportunities.

The garden. It is very important to remove dry plants and discard unused pots and old garden furniture that we no longer use. Let’s make sure all the wells flow well. Let’s not place on the terrace many pieces of furniture, simplicity ensures us a good chi (energy). This energy must flow freely for a good feng shui.

Rituals and remedies for cleaning the energy of the house at the beginning of the year
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Overcrowded areas block chi flow and can accumulate stagnant energy leading to disease. It’s a good time to rethink the look of the furniture. For example, let’s not create a seating area where people are oriented northeast on the terrace, as this is Tai Sui’s house in 2021.

Think about your house, office or apartment right now. What is the style of the furniture and how are they positioned? Where are the plants located? What color scheme have you used in all the space? How did you decorate, how and where did you display the paintings? Are there dark and quiet rooms where yin energy stagnates?

Once we have finished the cleansing rituals we will feel very good and we will start the year in balance. The importance of balance is particularly in terms of yin and yang aspects and the 5 elements. In feng shui, we try to keep the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal beautifully balanced, without any element being too strong or too weak – to be missing altogether.

The balance of the five elements brings the auspicious energy of the home or office environment. This helps to maintain financial stability for the family and the abundance will continue to manifest itself. Remember that energy (chi) should be allowed to flow freely and easily without obstruction. Let’s all have a Prosperous New Year!

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