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Self-healing is effective

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Self-healing is effective because it uses natural defense mechanisms. Nature has endowed each of us with an excellent individual pharmacy, containing medicines against all the diseases we can have. Our only task is to learn how to use it.

Our thoughts have the power to make us healthy or sick, they can also make us young or old. The imbalances occur first at the energy level, then transpose into the physical body in the form of diseases. Healing means eliminating the cause of the disease. First, you need to identify the cause of the imbalance and take the time it takes to act. Visualize how you heal and act as if you’re already cured.

The self-healing process has two phases. The first phase involves relaxing the muscles in the body. In phase two we start a self-healing program in the subconscious. We’re like a computer program, meant to start the process of self-healing. Self-healing uses natural defense mechanisms.

The two phases of self-healing

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Relaxation of the body. We lay a soft blanket on the floor and lay on our backs. Hands stretch across the body with palms facing outwards and fingers slightly arched, legs stretched out, head stretched out on one side, mouth open, tongue pushed into upper teeth and eyes closed for better concentration. Try to be calm, not to think of anything else and most importantly, to breathe calmly and equally. It usually takes two to five minutes to reach the total state of relaxation.

Self-healing of the body. The cells in our body have a basic mental capacity similar to that of young children. We should remember we’re addressing a diseased organ. Try to view the problem organ, open communication with it and focus to give it an order. The order must be expressed clearly and decisively,as if you were trying to correct the behavior of your beloved child.

Each organ has its own personality, for example, the stomach and liver are stubborn and not very reasonable. We need to address them in the form of a hard command. The heart is much wiser and listens to the demands expressed kindly and cordially.

Once the first phase is completed, for example, we imagine that we look inside the heart and see a small flame in it, the source of love and energy conservation. Imagine that the flame grows, fills the whole heart and then spreads throughout the body from head to toe. Try to observe how it cleanses your body, removes inflammation and brings health and vigor.

Say it slowly, “every breath brings me closer to total cleansing. The light of my body is the healing energy“. If you know a particular place with a swelling or inflammation, put your right hand on that spot and imagine how the healing light is emitted from a center of the palm and melts the node like sunlight melts ice and snow in the spring.

Think positively

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This is just one example. We all have enough imagination to develop an individual healing scenario. The most important thing is to relax the muscles and enter the healing process in the subconscious. You can choose any time for self-healing sessions, but it’s best to do these things when there’s no one around so you don’t bother.

If you like quiet music, you can listen to your favorite song for a better relaxing effect. In this way we can influence all “problem” organs and systems, such as the nervous system, memory, vision, hearing, etc. This method of self-healing requires a serious rapprochement and recognition that we are responsible for certain health problems.

The most important thing to remember, especially those who need to regain health, is that the body is an integrated system and we need to treat it in a complex way, both the body and the mind. Only this kind of rapprochement can bring us results. Health involves striving for the perfection of the spirit and the physique.

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