Self-intoxication the enemy of health

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Self-intoxication of the body

Self-intoxication (self-poisoning) is the most dangerous enemy of our health. Self-intoxication is the cause of many diseases, because they all start from poisoned blood.

Healers in ancient Egypt and Tibet have long known the fundamental principle that “in order to keep us healthy, we must keep our intestines in perfect working order”.

Hippocrates was right when he said, “A lot of diseases enter our bodies through our mouths.”

Self-intoxication the enemy of health
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Our tendency is to eat many cooked and flour-based products, combined with butter and sugar, along with protein (meat, cold cuts, cheese, dairy, eggs). Our digestive system is not able to completely process meals containing a wide variety of mixed foods. In this way the walls of the large intestine are lined with pieces of undigested food.

The environment of the large intestine is moist and warm. The remains of undigested food become a mass full of harmful bacteria, which produce toxins. The walls of the intestine absorb these toxins that circulate with the blood and poison our body every day.

Excess food and incorrect combination of food can cause much harm to our gastrointestinal tract. There are symptoms that clearly show the level of self-intoxication of the body: unusual coloration of the tongue, bad breath, sudden headaches, apathy, drowsiness, weight in the lower abdomen, vomiting state, bloating, almost all caused by self-intoxication of the body.

Causes of constipation

Self-intoxication the enemy of health
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According to research almost 60% of the world’s population suffers from chronic constipation. The absence of stools for more than 24 hours is an obvious case of constipation and a remedy is clearly needed. Here are some causes of incorrect and excessive food combinations.

Eating foods high in calories and low in volume. Often due to lack of time or convenience we relieve hunger with a sandwich followed by a juice, coffee or tea. Due to the small volume of food, there is not enough pressure on the large intestine to produce digestion. We may not feel the need to have a chair for a few days.

Excess food consumption. It is known that people eat three meals a day, in some cases even five meals, which is more than the body needs. When we eat too much, not all the food is absorbed and some of it starts to rot. Our intestines become a battleground between positive bacteria and those that cause disease. The removal of debris only takes place when this battle is over.

Excess coffee and flour products (bread, pastry, etc.), without being accompanied by high-fibre products, make digestion difficult to function normally.

Mental predisposition for constipation

Self-intoxication the enemy of health
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Research has shown that in some people there is also a mental predisposition with regard to this issue. They have a pessimistic way of thinking ” The past gives me more than the present or the future. Besides, who gives me anything? You won’t get anything out of me! Superfluous? Nothing is superfluous.”

Remedy: understanding that, on the last road, we do not take with us anything that we have accumulated. The art of living lies in traveling through life without “heavy luggage”, with a light heart and with a free spirit.

What you can do: the composition of the diet must be not only healthy, but also in harmony with personal taste.

There are also effective natural remedies that put a lazy gut to work. I must mention the harm caused by the consumption of laxatives. Anyone who deprives their muscles, bones and organs of essential functions should not be surprised if they start to sleep or even do no more work.

A glass of lukewarm water,drunk for example at breakfast,can work wonders.

Exercise has proven to be very effective especially in the morning before you get out of bed, pull your right knee towards your chest with both hands for one minute, then pull both knees for one minute. As much movement as possible is beneficial to the body contributing to well-being.

The yellow color can have a favorable effect on a lazy digestion.

Reflexotherapy is recommended in combination with color therapy. In most cases, patients can disperse from laxatives in a very short time.

I am convinced that in many situations we should be our own advisor and doctor. By informing us and gaining as much knowledge as possible about how our body works we will be able to eliminate the causes of diseases and have excellent health.

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