Socata, star of summer!

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Socata, healthy drink

Socata, the refreshing drink of summer! Our grandparents have bequeathed us precious recipes. Socata is one of them. Cool and tasty, but especially healthy, shocked is the star of the warm season. The elderflowers are harvested at the beginning of flowering, when 70-80% opened. If they’re collected too late, the flowers get bitter, and the shock doesn’t come out as tasty.

Socata, star of the summer
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Shock flowers are collected from May to June-July. The fruits of the plant are black, glossy berries, 6-8 mm in diameter, with purple-purple juice and sweet-sour taste. Sweets or jams can be made from these fruits.

Benefits of shock

The shock contains vitamin A, the complex of B vitamins and vitamin C. Combining them with some phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, gives shock remarkable anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antiviral effects.

Shock tea cures cough, being beneficial in respiratory diseases such as: cold, flu, bronchitis. It is beneficial in rheumatism and urinary system conditions. Shock tea helps remove water from the body, dissolving excess fat layer, being appreciated in slimming straps.

Due to the diuretic and laxative properties, it works beneficially in dermatological, eye and cardiac conditions. Shock successfully replaces aspirin or paracetamol. It is recommended in febrile states alongside the usual medication in respiratory viruses, flu or bronchitis.

They are recommended in rheumatic and eruptive conditions such as measles and scarlet fever.
Due to the action of diuretics and mildly laxatives combat obesity and hemorrhoids. The infusion of elderflowers, the evening before bedtime with two hours, has beneficial effects on the body.

Shock acts beneficially to the psyche. Socata, despite the fact that it does not contain alcohol, has significant euphoric effects, relaxing the body and helping it in overcoming mental blockages. Emotive or internalized people can confidently consume this wonder drink.

Socata has a galactogog effect, stimulating lactation. Be careful, however, keep in mind that shock or shock tea is not indicated during pregnancy. Socata is also beneficial in the case of sciatic and intercostal neuralgia, rhinitis, cystitis, joint rheumatism and gout.

Recipe to shock

Socata, star of the summer
Image from Pixabay

Ingredients: 12-14 large elderflowers, 4 fragrant lemons, 10 liters water, 1 kg sugar, 10 grains of rice (for fermentation) or 5 grams of fresh yeast.

Preparation mode: the elderflowers are placed in a clean jar of 10 liters. Add the water and the sliced lemons and squeezed well of juice into the water. To eliminate the bitter taste, we can only put the lemon pulp and strips of yellow peel. It’s the white part of the shell that gives the bitter taste. Cover the jar and leave for one day.

The next day we put the sugar and rice grains or yeast, mix well, cover the jar and leave to ferment for another 3-4 days. We don’t completely close the jar to let the shocked breathing. The composition should be mixed at least twice a day. When the water turns yellow and the pleasant smell must be squeezed through a thick sieve or through a gauze cloth.

Socata is ready, put in bottles with stopper or cap, hermetically and store in dark and cold place. Because the shock is acidic in the bottles, we don’t shake the container before opening. Socata is served cold and depending on your preferences we can refresh it with a few mint leaves.

Sugar-free shock

Ingredients: 10-12 blooming elderflowers, 125 grams raisins (rehydrated overnight and crushed in blender), 3 freshly sliced lemons, with all the shell.

Preparation mode: put all the ingredients in a 3-litre jar and cover with flat, filtered water. We place the jar in the sunlight. Mix shocked twice a day, morning and evening, with a wooden spoon.

After two days we taste the shock, checking how fizzy it is. Once it tastes perfect, we sneak in shock and put it in bottles. Store in the fridge and serve cold.

Socata, star of the summer
Image from Pixabay

Acid shocked

Ingredients: 10-12 elderflowers, 10 liters of water, 2 kg sugar, 2 large lemons, 25 grams fresh yeast, 4 tablespoons apple vinegar, one sachet lemon salt.

Method of preparation: in a 10-litre bowl with water, add the elderflowers and lemons cut into suitable cubes, then put everything to boil. When the shock starts to boil, we keep everything on fire for five minutes, then let it cool down.

When the shock is lukewarm, add the lemon juice and yeast and mix everything very well. We keep shocked in the same dish for 6 days, stirring twice a day, morning and evening. After 6 days, the shock is put in bottles and stored in the refrigerator.

Shock juice

Ingredients: 10-12 elderflowers (we can add more flowers if we want a more concentrated juice), 1 kg of sugar, 8 grams fresh yeast, 8 liters cold water, 2-3 large lemons.

Preparation mode: we wash the elderflowers very well and put them on the bottom of a 10 liter jar. Add the sugar, lemon juice and sliced lemon peels. Add the water and leave to macerate until the next day.

The next day, we fill the jar with cold water, add the yeast and mix very well. Cover the jar with gauze and put it in a sunny place for 2-3 days. We mix every day, morning and evening. When the juice has reached the desired acidity level, we squeeze it, put it in bottles and keep it in the refrigerator.

Shock wine

Socata, star of the summer
Image from Pixabay

Ingredients: 10 elderflowers, dried or fresh, 1 kg brown sugar, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, 1 lemon, 100 ml wine vinegar, 46 liters water.

Preparation mode: put on fire in a bowl, water together with sugar, until it dissolves. The elderflowers are mixed with the lemon juice in a 10-litre jar, to which we add the sugar syrup with water. Cover the mouth of the jar with a piece of gauze and place a plate on top. Store at room temperature for 48 hours. Mix 3-4 times a day with a wooden spoon.

After 48 hours, we squeeze the liquid obtained into another dish, also through a gauze and caramelize the drink with the 2 tablespoons of sugar that we mix before with 3 tablespoons of water. After mixing the contents very well we add the oit. Shock wine homogenizes well, slips, puts in one liter bottles, put cork and store cold.


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