Spinach, the prince of vegetables

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Spinach, food and natural medicine

Spinach has two seasons, early spring and late autumn. Spinach is grown in temperate and even northern areas. It can be grown up to 2000 m altitude. In Arab countries, spinach was at great price, being considered the “prince of vegetables”. In addition to commercial children’s ads with Popey Sailor, spinach-based dishes also have an undeniable therapeutic value in addition to their food value.

Spinach, therapeutic recommendations

Spinach, the prince of vegetables
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Spinach contains protides, carbohydrates, carbohydrates, mineral salts: sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron. Spinach is very rich in vitamin A,vitamin B1, B2, niacin, but also vitamin C. It is rich in microelements such as: magnesium, manganese, sulfur, copper, iodine, ash.

It is very important to make a spring cure that includes spinach. It is an excellent remineralizing, laxative and depurative, activating the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body. With its rich mineral salt content, spinach is particularly useful in case of anemia, for convalescents and in hemorrhages.

Spinach also acts as an activator of pancreatic secretion, also acting as a cardiac tonic. Due to its rich content in mineral salts, vitamins and microelements necessary for the body, spinach combats hypovitaminosis C, eliminating toxins through diuretic action.

It is slightly hypotensive, tones the myocardium, stimulating the activity of the heart, gastric, pancreatic and biliary secretions and favors growth. Used externally, spinach leaves give good results in atonal wounds and ringworms.

Attention however,due to the content of oxalates, spinach is contraindicated in arthritis, oxalic lithiasis, rheumatism, gout.

How we use spinach

Spinach, the prince of vegetables
Image from Pixabay

Spinach can be consumed as such, especially in the diet of children and older people. A juice can be prepared every morning. Drink a glass of fresh juice against physical and mental depressions.

You can prepare a tonic wine, from 750 ml wine and 200 ml spinach juice. Drink a 100 g glass before a meal. You can make poultices with leaves cooked in oil. Spinach seeds are recommended to be consumed as an infusion with 2 teaspoons per cup, with a laxative role.

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