Statements for an overflowing optimism

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Statements that will change your life

The use of statements is not embraced by everyone, which is why people have divided themselves into two camps. Affirmations are effective and simple tools both for creating a change in energy and for a change in consciousness. Those who are open to the new experience unsuspected revelations. The process of affirmation is the conscious intention of attracting optimistic mental conclusions, by projecting strong magnetic energy, practically like a magnet you attract what you want in your life. Want to know how? Of course it takes a lot of work, action and perseverance.

Statements for an overflowing optimism
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Affirmations are part of the beginning of change, the beginning of the creation of destiny. The words we speak with good energy and positive emotion, create for us the reality we want to reach. Many fail to reach the state of optimism that will lead them to the perfect life they want and then it is good to let themselves be guided by a Personal Confidence Coach. You can also read the article: How we enter the flow of prosperity by freeing ourselves from the limitations learned in the past.

Free yourself from all the pessimistic thoughts to the last, neutralizing them and then changing them in order to be totally optimistic. It emits more and more positive and constructive thoughts! Remember that whenever you feel that you are controlled by feelings and thoughts of fear, fear and doubt, there is a solution: stop, cancel and reformulate. Thoughts and waves of the sea. / Beauty comes from our thoughts.

Statements for an overflowing optimism

Now I let go of all worries. I am strong and I create my own destiny for myself. I have the ability to deal with any situation. Everything I set out to do succeed.

Regardless of the situations encountered, from now on I choose optimism. I live with passion and personal strength. I act every day centered and focused on my purpose. I am safe and able to make the best decisions for myself. I make choices that honor my spirit. I create happiness around me. I am smart and attractive enough to succeed in everything I set out to do.

You live in fear or in the flow of prosperity
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I’m relaxed, I’m inventive, I’m creative and flexible. I have confidence in myself and my future. I am full of love, happiness and harmony. I trust life and am full of hope. Optimism is part of me. I’m a wonderful man!

I have a wonderful life and I succeed whatever I set out to do, through what I do, think and choose. I assert myself and become aware of myself, my value and my life. Every day is a new opportunity that I embrace with love and blessing. I choose to be aware of all the good things in my life. I am truly lucky and blessed.

I am happy with the present and I am confident in the future. I am the creator of my own life. I let go of the need to worry about the future or relive the past. From now on, I focus only on the present. There are so many things I’m grateful for. I look around and feel love, joy, harmony. I love my life and attract more and more wonderful things that make me happy. I am blessed with the love of God. I’m free. What I do now is valuable and dignified, and so am I. I choose to see myself as successful right now. I see the value in everything I do and I attract even more value.

I have everything I need to be able to succeed. I have all the resources I need to create the extraordinary future I want. I choose to feel good about myself and create happiness in my life right now.

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