The harmony of the environment influences our lives

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Harmony of the environment in which we live

The harmony of the environment influences our lives
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The harmony of the environment in which we live has a great influence on our lives. The harmony of the environment depends on us. If you start harmonizing your home, following a few simple rules, your patterns of thought and beliefs will become positive and soon you can expect a more harmonious life, and the Universe will have nothing to do but accept your new conviction, just leave it!

If you look around and try to assess how much what surrounds you contributes to your state, maybe it’s time to act. For example, you could be in a noisy, messy and full of exhaust gases or in a clean, elegant, quiet and pleasant-smelling place. You may be surrounded by warm colors and quiet images or harsh colors and aggressive images. How does the environment you live affect you?

Now please consider the important problems and challenges you are currently facing. They can relate to your intimate relationships, family, financial problems, business, work prospects, health, college exams, etc. The situations we face today are the result of the decisions we have made at some point in the past. Even if our decisions were made with good intentions, they may have been influenced, in fact, by the way we feel at the time.

The harmony of life depends on us

The harmony of the environment influences our lives
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If we want to change our quality of life, we need to change the quality of the decisions we make, in order to be in harmony with what we really want, not with what our surface feelings and emotions dictate. To succeed in doing so we need to create the right environment, and our most important living environment is home.

In my opinion, a harmonious home means that its physical features help you connect with your own self and make clear decisions that are not affected by stress and fatigue. The harmony of life depends on going through some steps to reach the well-being.

It is good to remove or reduce any element that induces a state of stress or squeezes your energy. According to Feng shui theory, it is good to make clear physical changes to create traits that harmonize with our true desires and needs. That is why it is also good to keep track of the changes that have taken place in our lives and to change the environment in which we live in line with these changes.

The energy of the space in which we live

The harmony of the environment influences our lives
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You know that in some places we feel better than in others, but without always being able to identify precisely where the difference comes from. Feng shui helps us identify these factors so that we can intervene on them in our own home.

People who look or feel happier usually have more success in life. If you surround yourself with negative patterns there is a risk that you will eventually feel completely discouraged and even rejected. You’ve probably noticed that if you feel cheerful enough, but you’re forced to stay in a dark, crowded or dirty place for a while, you gradually start to feel depressed, and your thoughts become negative.

The disarmonic aspects of our home and gardencan generate negative states of stress and conditions of loss of energy. They can cause or at least contribute to the development of fatigue, lethargy, exhaustion, depression, hyperactivity, nervousness, hypertension, irrational fear, anger, hostility and aggression.

Most often, the way to solve these problems is either by administering toxic drugs, or by expensive therapy sessions to become aware of these experiences, or then by resorting to spiritual guidance for emotional release, or by abandoning one’s unhappy and unfulfilled life.

The harmony of the environment influences our lives
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The changes made in the home, therefore, meet the benefits you might have after discussions with doctors, therapists, priests or other spiritual mentors. Once those elements that contributed to disharmony wereremoved from your home, it is time to move towards creating a home that is in full physical harmony with your needs and desires.

This means looking at the range of colors, images, materials, plants, books, etc. that we choose, to surround ourselves, as well as how they are arranged and organized. There are scientific studies on the psychological effect that various environmental factors can have on us, such as: brightness, colors and styles. There is also a lot of data on the psychological effect of toxic chemicals that are eliminated from ordinary household cleaning products.

It’s good to stay a while to clarify your thoughts, feelings and emotions when you’re at home. It is good to write them down on a sheet of paper. Feel free in expressing whatever thought comes to mind, you don’t have to show notes to anyone. Imagine how you would really like to live. It would be useful if you put these ideas on paper, with the luxury of detail.

Removing unnecessary bottlenecks in our homes is the key to removing emotional bottlenecks in our lives. In fact, we should all strive to “make room” frequently, to avoid cluttering things up and strangling the flow of energy from home and obviously in our lives. If you have managed to remove the old useless things, wait for the new to enter your life. Start the New Year with positive thoughts and as a cute thing, do not forget the ritual with “8 oranges for Chinese New Year“.

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