The moon in the rhythm of life

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The moon, in everyday life

A complete circuit from one full moon to the next, the Earth’s satellite describes a long curve. In nature, everything is rhythm, sound, breathing,light and vibration. In the universe, everything is movement, nothing is fixed, permanent, unchanging. From plants to the smallest cell, everything is born, grows, matures and then dies, only to wake up to life again in another form, in another light. This also applies to us humans.

A balanced life means not continually ignoring the cyclic rhythms to which our body is subjected, or constantly trying to swim against the current. Patient alignment with the rhythms of nature, seasons and our own body means learning to understand their signs, to adapt harmoniously, as a skilled navigator to climb and descend the waves.

The moon in the rhythm of life
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But a balanced life in no way means absolute listening to the winds and the waves, nor to live by the calendar or by those clocks. Our body is a vehicle with which we travel through life. Apparently, it can endure everything for decades: inadequate food, lack of exercise, stress, intolerance, greed, excess alcohol and cigarettes and ignoring its natural rhythms.

The two great periods, which we talked about at the beginning, are the month in decline and the rising month, and in addition, the few hours in which the moon is full and us are characterized by special forces, the knowledge of which can be extremely useful to us.

The month in decline

The moon in the rhythm of life
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The waning moon detoxifies and washes, removes and cleans, dries, strengthens, urges action and the use of energy. The greater the force, the closer the new moon is. We can do a detox, during the two weeks of the month in decline. A spring detox, for example, with nettle tea, also has a strong purifying effect, which is often maintained throughout the year. If we try this detoxification, when the moon is growing, we get little or no effect.

New Moon

The body’s detoxification capacity is maximum on the day it’s the new moon. We can choose to fast, when it is the new moon, to reduce the risk of contracting different diseases.

On this day we can start new activities and we can get rid of less healthy habits such as: smoking or excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol. If we want to give up a habit that is harmful to health, we look it calmly and quietly in the face and study it on all sides. Try not to heed the opinions of others and stop looking for motivation. Make your decision and that’s it. The new moon day is a starting point for “a new life”. It helps us to carry out our goals.

Rising moon

The moon in the rhythm of life
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During this period the body regenerates and the absorption of nutrients is made easier. The rising moon supplies, plans, absorbs, develops, attracts, stores energy. Givestrength, lead to rest and regeneration. The greater the force, the closer the full moon is.

In the two weeks when the moon is growing, everything we do to develop our body and organs, to make them stronger, to strengthen in general, is much more effective than in the period with the declining moon. Regeneration and fortification are much more effective if the body has been detoxified beforehand.

All symptoms of deficiency can be remedied much more easily, minerals and vitamins, are absorbed much faster during this period. For pregnant women during this period, the effective absorption of iron-based preparations is very important. Preparations based on magnesium, calcium and iron are much more effective.

The accumulation of water in the body and feet, at this stage, is much harder to eliminate with the help of diuretic drugs. All symptoms of poisoning, from wasp stings to poisonous fungi, have a stronger effect during this period, so it is good to be careful.

The closer the full moon gets, the less chance scans of the operations, the slower the healings, and the more pronounced the risk of scarring. During this period we can make an appointment at the hairdresser.” When the moon is in the lion, we trim our tips to have richer hair,and in virgin, our hair will have a beautiful appearance.

Full Moon

The moon in the rhythm of life
Image from Pixabay

It is good to keep fasting during this period, precisely because the body absorbs so well all kinds of substances, including the numerous artificial additions to our food. On this day, water accumulates quickly in tissues, and muscle tissue becomes weak. The healing process after operations, is in the least favorable period.

Our body reacts if we continually force it and ignore natural rhythms and needs. The negative effects of ignoring natural rhythms are felt over a long period of time, as are the positive effects of life in consonance with these rhythms occur slowly. It is good to think quietly and seek to find out which of the daily activities can be harmonized with the monthly rhythms, then we will surely find solutions. Simple observation will pave the way for the right action, simply without much effort.

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