The purifying effects of the sauna

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The power of the sauna

Sauna is one of the most effective and enjoyable methods to remove accumulated toxins from the skin and internal organs. It is common for children in Finland, Germany and Russia to use the sauna with their parents as a treatment and as a way to improve their immunity.

The sauna protects us from diseases caused by changes in temperature and humidity. In Germany and the Czech Republic, the use of the sauna is included in school and kindergarten programs. Caution, however, for children between 3 and 12 years old can stay in the sauna for 3 minutes at a time, at temperatures of 50 – 60 degrees C and humidity of 25%.

The beneficial effects of the sauna

Almost everyone we know complains of back pain. Look at the people you interact with and those who walk down the street, their wrists move with weight, their spine and neck seem stiff, their knees don’t bend much.

Most people have pain in the shoulder and arm area when they wake up in the morning. We usually blame one factor: we miss our wrists because we’re getting older. That’s not the cause. Nature gave the wrists means to be flexible in the form of a special substance, a kind of lubricant. The amount of lubricant does not decrease alone, regardless of age. The loss of flexibility of our wrists actually results from the presence of various toxic salts in the bone system. The effect of the sauna is precisely to remove these toxic salts from the body.

The purifying effects of the sauna
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Most foods today contain large amounts of preservatives, food dyes and salt. They get into our body with food. Intense sweating in the sauna allows our body to eliminate these substances. It helps the kidneys because through sweating we can remove three quarters of the toxins accumulated in the body. An hour of excessive sweating in the sauna can remove the same amount of toxic material as healthy kidneys in 24 hours. Improved metabolism helps us get rid of excess weight.

Anyone can use the sauna?

Swiss doctors use sauna in the treatment of high blood pressure. In most cases, it only takes 15 sauna sessions to reduce the tension to a normal value. People with heart conditions should keep in mind that blood circulation is affected not only by changes in temperature, but also by humidity and time spent in the sauna. People with heart problems should consult their doctor before deciding to try the sauna.

French scientists have noticed that the sauna, is also an excellent remedy for insomnia. One in four people is believed to suffer from insomnia. The biological clock beats irregularly, as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle such as: eating at night, excessive consumption of coffee or medicines, smoking, etc. The sauna helps us in this regard, and it is also necessary to change the way of life. Some remedies for insomnia can be found here: Mango the fruit that rids you of depression / Tips for managing stress / 5 spiritual principles Reiki.

The Finns, who use saunas every day, say, “Anger and hatred burn completely in the sauna.” This effect is produced by the state of calm, relaxation and pleasure that we experience. Heating of muscles and organs removes pain from bones and joints. Improves the general condition and helps us relax and forget about our daily thoughts and worries.

Sauna has beneficial effects on the skin

A significant part of the breath is done through the pores of the skin and nothing cleans the pores better than the sauna. The skin acts as a double filter: it eliminates harmful toxins and absorbs healthy substances. We can include in this therapy and aromatic oils. I recommend eucalyptus oil (helps against sore throat), lavender and jasmine (stimulates the brain) and pine oil (helps a lot to calm the nervous system).

The purifying effects of the sauna
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People with acne skin, with pimples, those who have hives, can use a solution from a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water, to remove this problem. Rub the solution on the skin (except the face) before entering the sauna and rinse it with lukewarm water after exiting the sauna.

What’s good to drink in the sauna?

American scientists conducted a study in which one group of participants drank cold drinks and the other hot tea. The study showed that cold drinks lower the temperature only in the oral cavity, while hot tea lowers the temperature of the whole body by about 1 – 2 degrees C. Blackcurrant,raspberry and cranberry teas are recommended along with a little honey. Tea must be fresh to contain all useful substances.

It is very important to know that the time spent in the sauna should not exceed 5 – 10 minutes. The most beneficial temperatures are: 50-60 degrees C and 25% humidity for children; 60-70 degrees C for those over 50 years of age; 90-100 degrees C for the others.

The purifying effects of the sauna
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It is recommended to drink hot teas and juices in the sauna and on breaks. It is also recommended to massage your hands and feet in the sauna without using creams or lotions. Take a warm shower and then a cold one every time you leave the sauna. Do not eat much before entering the sauna, do not drink coffee or alcohol.

I recommend the sauna to all! If you use the sauna frequently, if you make a habit of it, it’s a simple and personally tested way to keep yourself healthy. There are many SPA centers, there are gyms where various saunas have also included and not far from Bucharest there are Therme where you can find several types of saunas.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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