Treating plants with Reiki energy

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Love your plants and they will love you

Reiki energy can be used in various ways to prolong plant life. Plants react very well when we encourage them to grow with Reiki energy. We can also send energy to plants remotely. Remote therapy is being used more and more lately and tends to become the therapy of the future. It does not require time for movement and healing and can occur faster. The therapist himself needs a very good state from an energetic point of view to transmit the Reiki therapy.

Reiki energy for indoor plants

feng shui garden
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Those who have the first level of initiation in Reiki can use energy for self-healing, healing others, healing plants and animals, transferring energy to the environment and energetically charge food and drinks. For initiations in Reiki we invite you to our group: Reiki Harmony & Prosperity.

Reiki energy is very beneficial for plants, it helps them to grow and develop harmoniously. First we start by providing energy to the roots of the plant, by placing hands around the pot, because these parts of the plants feed on substances that they need to survive. When we intuitively feel that the roots have received the beneficial energy, we move our hands on the plant itself. We hold hands at a distance of 2-3 cm from the leaves and let the Reiki energy flow and charge the aura of the plant.

After reiki treatment the plants take care of themselves in the usual manner. In the event that the plant does not show signs that it feels good, despite all the efforts we make, it is possible that there is a negative energy in the place where we have placed it. Plants are precise indicators of places with negative energy. The first thing that is good to do is to move the plant to another room and observe how it goes.

Reiki energy for plants in the garden

feng shui garden
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When we have a large garden it is hard to transmit the Reiki energy for each plant individually. We choose to practice remote healing, transmitting the Reiki energy to the entire garden. When the weather allows us to choose a place in the garden where we sit comfortably, visualize it, draw the Reiki symbols on the palm of our hand and pass it on to the plants. When the weather does not allow us, it is cold or it is raining, we can transmit the energy from our heated and comfortable home.

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