Vitamin C, prevents aging of the body

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Vitamin C is essential against skin aging

Vitamin C prevents the body from aging
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Vitamin C, plays an essential role in the optimal functioning of the body, helping to delay aging of the skin. Vitamin C, is also known as ascorbic acid, being one of the safest and most effective nutrients. Among the important benefits, vitamin C, protects the body against immune deficiencies, helps to effectively eliminate parasites, prevent cardiovascular disease, prenatal problems, eye diseases and even prevents aging of the body.

Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamins play an important role in nutrition, both for growth and development and for maintaining the health of the body. Lack of vitamins causes serious metabolic disorders, leading to the development of carening diseases called hypovitaminosis.

Vitamin C deficiency in the body occurs most often due to inadequate diet. Insufficient amount of vitamin C in the body, affects the production of collagen, which leads to tissue rupture. The most serious condition caused by the lack of vitamin C in the body, is scurvy. This disease is increasingly common nowadays.

Vitamin C prevents the body from aging
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Those who are prone to vitamin C deficiency are the smokers, alcohol addicts, the older people, pregnant women, those who suffer from conditions that prevent the body from absorbing nutrients from food, as well as those who support extreme diets.

If left untreated, vitamin C deficiency can cause respiratory problems, fever and seizures in rare cases. People who have a vitamin C deficiency, feel a state of fatigue and constant weakness. In this case muscle and joint pain occurs, rapid bruising of the skin at any blow, the skin dries, the hair breaks slightly, inflammation, discoloration of the gums , nosebleedsand even weight loss.

What benefits does Vitamin C have?

Vitamin C, along with the other vitamins are synthesized by plants and only to a small extent by the animal body. Chemically Vitamin C is hydrosoluble and is found almost exclusively in the vegetable kingdom.

Vitamin C is recognized for strengthening the immune system, reducing the symptoms of fluor colds through their antioxidant effect. Vitamin C, protects the body against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, stimulates collagen production, heals wounds and improves skin texture, preventing its aging. It is recognized for beneficial effects in the case of stress, decreases the risk of cataracts, helps to lose weight, maintaining the body’s energy level.

Vitamin C is found in garden fruits and vegetables

Vitamin C quality, is not found in capsules, but in the garden! Supplements from pharmacies with vitamin C, contain only ascorbic acid, while vitamin C in nature has all the necessary components of the body.

Green fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C, and their consumption provides us with a healthy dose of this vitamin. Oranges, red peppers, chillies,green peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts,broccoli, strawberries,grapefruit,guava, kiwi, peas, sea buckthorn, currants, parsley,contain the highest doses of vitamin C.

Vitamin C prevents the body from aging
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Green pepper contains at least triple vitamin C compared to citrus fruits. Peas, tomatoes, papaya, melons, pineapple or berries, contain high doses of vitamin C. A diet based on as many fruits and vegetables in these categories, ensures the optimal ratio of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, necessary for a healthy body.

A balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables will help keep your body healthy, preventing the body from aging. The inclusion of fruit and vegetable juices in your daily diet also gives you vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and amino acids for the best health.

Vitamin C present in fruits and vegetables, will help you to be energetic and full of vitality, you will have a cleaner and brighter skin, hair and nails will be healthier, you will suffer fewer infections, such as colds or flus.

As Mihaela Rădulescu said: “As good as the genetic inheritance is, it must be supported with a healthy, minimalist but nutritious diet, with a vitamin supplement that should be taken only after the advice of the specialist. So I redecorated my fridge on the inside – it looks a lot greener, but also with eggs, dairy, cheese, fish, fruit and lots of liquids.”

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