Water and its healing powers

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Healing water

Water is the essence of life. Biologically, water has many properties indispensable to the proliferation of life.

German physician Sebastian Kneip recounts in his writings about the healing power of water: ” Every contact with water means an extra minute in our lives”. Every organism begins its life in water, the human fetus is no exception.

People are ready to travel hundreds of miles in search of a miracle cure, but they don’t realize they can get better results using tap water.

Recent scientific research has shown that our body can easily rebuild its natural electrical potential with water. There are habits that include many rituals such as baptizing children with water, the habit of providing a glass of water to the traveler.

Water and its healing powers
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In both medieval times, ancient Greece and In Medicine and Arab Philosophy, water therapy was intensively used, alternately applying hot and cold water and then massaging the patient. This therapy improves blood circulation and metabolism, removes mucosities in the body leading to a rapid recovery of the body.

The great philosopher Seneu said, “the essence of things is very simple.” It seems that only by alternatively applying cold and hot water can we achieve unexpected results against many diseases. The importance of using hot-cold alternation lies in the fact that high temperature stimulates the body’s surfaces and increases the amount of blood in the skin, while low temperature stimulates blood circulation in the organs.

This alternation of low and high temperatures in water therapy becomes a miracle cure for many diseases, as it regulates blood circulation, strengthens the muscles and heart and improves the immune system.

Recommendations when showering with healing water

The alternation of cold and warm massage decreases the body’s sensitivity to cold and heat and strengthens the nervous system. The effects are even better if extracted from chamomile, sage or other medicinal herbs, also used for massage, is added to the water. Massage together with vitamins from herbal extracts provides a double benefit for aging skin.

Soak a towel in cold water, squeeze it and massage one of the arms. Repeat the operation for the other arm, for the chest, back and legs. The total time for the whole body is 3 – 5 minutes. Then massage with a dry towel until the skin warms and reddens. It is best to do this therapy every morning after an alternating warm shower – cold.

The alternating hot shower – cold is recommended in the morning and evening, every day.

Water and its healing powers
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Build your immunity with therapeutic baths!

Therapeutic baths are one of the oldest methods of healing. They are easy to prepare and yet they bring us huge benefits such as: improving metabolism and removing pain and tension from the muscles, removing fatigue, calming the nervous system, regenerating the skin, improving sleep, etc.

Various treatments can be done in our spas in the country, including these therapeutic baths. Of course being easy to prepare we can also make them at home. We can do a daily ritual,in which we include, diet, sports, therapeutic baths, massages and in this way we will have an excellent tone. We can add herbal extracts to the bath water, to get a unique smell.

Many people with back or arm pain are thinking of visiting a therapist or going to these spas where there is this healing water. These plans often go unrealized for various reasons, including financial difficulties, and they continue to suffer from pain. In this situation, therapeutic baths at home can prove very effective.

In order to achieve results in therapeutic baths, it is necessary to do them in series. It is good to take such a bath every two days for two or three weeks. These therapeutic baths do not require great preparation. To relax better, we can listen to your favorite music. A therapeutic bath relaxes and entertains us, because by cleansing the body we also cleanse our mind. A bath can last 15 – 25 minutes, depending on how we feel.

I’ll give you some examples of the ingredients you can add to bath water:

Water and its healing powers
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Bathroom number 1 (temperature 35 – 37 degrees Celsius) Pour 5 l of boiling water over 300 g of chamomile flowers, set aside for two hours, strain and then pour into the bath water. It is beneficial for back pain, wrists and inflammation, for general recovery.

Bath number 2 (temperature 34 degrees Celsius) Pour 5 liters of boiling water over 200 g of sage flowers, set aside for two hours, strain and then pour into the bath water. It is beneficial for lowering blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, skin diseases, inflammation and problems with the wrists.

Bath number 3 (temperature 38 degrees Celsius) Put 1.5 kg of spruce branches in about 5 l of water and boil for 30 minutes, strain and pour into the bath water. It is beneficial for back pain and swollen bones, hands and feet.

Bath number 4 (temperature 37 – 38 degrees Celsius) Put 2 kg of normal salt, with iodine, in the bath water. Make sure it has completely dissolved. It is beneficial for improving the immune system, removes muscle and wrist pain, calms the nervous system, cleanses and invigorates the skin.

“Happiness is not done. It comes from the things you do.”

Dalai Lama

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