What do you guys choose tea or coffee?

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What’s better, tea or coffee?

Both tea and coffee are beneficial, as long as we consume them moderately. It is recommended to drink about one or two cups of tea or coffee a day. Moderate amount of coffee or tea improves blood circulation, energizes the heart muscles, stimulates the brain and relaxes the nervous system.

Tea with its inviting flavors

tea or coffee
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Green tea in particular improves health because it contains about 80 different elements needed by the body. It strengthens our teeth, cleanses our blood and opens the pores of the skin, is a preventive remedy against stones to the liver, kidneys and bladder. It also removes disease-causing bacteria.

Green tea is good not to be prepared too concentrated, because this way you can irritate the digestive tract. You can make healthy teas by boiling blackcurrant leaves, raspberries, mint, melissa, chamomile, etc. The water we use in the preparation of tea must be of good quality, because it also influences the taste.

Black tea, has several varieties and fewer beneficial effects for the body because it contains substances that can dehydrate the digestive tract. To minimize the negative effects of these substances, we can add a bay leaf to the boil. It will improve the flavor of the tea and remove harmful substances.

It is good to consume the tea immediately after preparing it (of course not hot), because it has the most strengthening and invigorating effects. After a few hours, boiled tea can produce substances harmful to our health.

Pleasure to enjoy a good coffee

tea or coffee
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Otherwise, beyond the good taste of every cup of coffee enjoyed to the last drop, we are certain that this 100% natural daily ritual keeps us in shape all day and makes us think about when we will drink another cup.

With regard to coffee, studies show certain links between the athletic performance of athletes, due to the high caffeine content and the increase in intellectual capacities.

Coffee, has countless benefits, due to the presence of antioxidants, which protect cells and have a strong anti-inflammatory and antireumatic effect. Coffee, contains substances that reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood protecting the cells.

Coffee has fibers and antioxidants,stimulates the salivary glands and has a strong laxative and diuretic effect. This is why a glass of plain water is always served next to a coffee.

There are also risks in terms of coffee consumption: addiction, psychological effects and changes in sleep, the risk of increased blood pressure and even interaction with certain drugs that can lead to liver damage.

Pregnant women would be better to avoid drinking coffee, or if they do it to consume extremely little (of lust). Although many of them consume a coffee without caffeine, exposing themselves to huge risks of miscarriage.

Is caffeine-free coffee harmful?

tea or coffee
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Caffeine-free coffee is harmful! The procedure for extracting caffeine from coffee beans is done by a chemical process, in which solvents are used, such as: methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. Methylene chloride is a volatile, colorless liquid, and its smell resembles that of chloroform.

Methylene chloride is used in various industrial processes, in different industries, for the removal of paints, in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, in the manufacture of adhesives, in the production of polyurethane foam, etc.

You decide for yourself what’s best to do. Surely many of you already know these things, but it is good to remember them. Good quality coffee served with your loved one or friends is always welcome.

Do you want sugar or no sugar?

tea or coffee
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Each of us has different tastes and habits. Some of us can live without sugar, others like sugar in coffee or tea.

It is already known that white sugar is probably one of the most harmful products of our time.

When used excessively can destroy our health, as it removes calcium and many other microelements from the body. Raw sugar in small amounts is beneficial to our health.

Good ideas start with good coffee. Have a great day and be healthy!

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