What gifts do we prepare for the holidays?

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Holiday gifts

holiday gifts
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The Christmas atmosphere with many gifts next to the decorated tree, with a hot chocolate and family who love you unconditionally, invites you to the magic of the holidays. Plans for the end of the year began with the first cold days. We think about where and with whom we will spend the holidays, we unearth our loved ones to find out what gifts they would like, with the desire, to make this time more beautiful than last year. A taller tree, a more successful party, plenty of snow… even if it is expected.

The joy of giving is hard to match, and the cold season, dressed in celebration creates the perfect atmosphere for choosing the right gifts, which to give together with a smile or a hug. Shops invite us to find inspired gifts for our loved ones. We’re getting ready for the big day, the lists are done, the gifts, yes, we’re still working. Let’s not forget everything we need for gift packaging: beautifully printed sheets, string, bow, duct tape, etc.

A box of candy or some other sweet gift?

For unexpected guests, it is good to always have something at hand, a box of chocolates or another sweet gift. We can choose a Grace Couture Cakes, gingerbread mix box. Who could refuse such a cute gift? The sets contain gingerbread in various shapes and colors, decorated with craftsmanship and full of flavour.

The little ones are the bright stars

holiday gifts
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For children, the cold season urges us to choose knitted clothes, fluffy jackets and a mix of colors with red accents. Little girls can become true Snow Queen, with the most sophisticated outfits from Zara or Marks & Spencer, Next or Contessina. For little girls we choose intense red, powdered pink or beige tones. Don’t forget the prints or pieces with cute sequin accents, the little ones will be delighted to shine!

A scarf, the obligatory piece of the season

A scarf from Orsay or Furla are inspired gifts. After all, it’s just a piece of material, isn’t it? The starting point is as simple as possible: to wear different, stylized scarves so that they match the image of the wearer. We start with winter winter scarfs, which not only keep warm, but are also mandatory pieces on the winter/spring season list.

Designers styled the wool scarfs, both around the neck, as a collar, but also on the head, for a uniform look, without the need for a hat or hat. They reinterpreted the scarfs made of oversized and waterproof materials, perfect for snowy days. If you want a glazed look let’s not forget the delicate scarfs we can wear to evening dresses or as an ultrafeminine detail in a chic outfit (Elie Saab or Dolce & Gabana). Simple but effective! The scarfs are matched to a suit or wool coat.

Ode to perfume and skin

holiday gifts
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The ladies already know that among the tips for changing the winter routine is the one that urges us to extra-hydrate. Specific themed products that help us in our daily care, or that we can give as a gift, are ideal this season. Who can resist a body cream with delicious flavors or special products for extra shine, special for the parties that follow. Whether it’s just a day or a busy December, you can feel like a ice princess and dare to envelop yourself in subtle or very bold iridesness with glittery products presented in a multitude of textures and shades.

You can choose a subtle shimmer, on any occasion, if you use a bath product with iridescents that leave behind a veil of hydration and shine. If you feel the need for extra-shine in makeup,you can choose a single glitter mascara product that is applied over the classic mascara and is enough a flutterof eyelashes for a wow effect. At Sephora you can find Glitter Top Coat Mascara.

Probably one of the most complex objects that stand at the place of honor in any woman’s beauty kit, is perfume. It fascinates and besides the scale of the notes that unfold olfactory flourishing with every moment, passing from the application, the perfume has a story. As much as you like a perfume right after application, resist the temptation and choose to buy it after discovering how all the notes interact with the PH of your skin. The fragrance takes a few hours to reveal the amalgam of flavors thought of by the man who created his story.

The fragrance is yours and can become an olfactory signature of personality. At Obsentum, you can try Side Effect, Initio or Rolling in Love Perfume, Kilian. At Beautik Haute Parfumerie, you can try Mon Boudoir, Houbigant Paris. Gentlemen, I can try, Kalan, Parfumes de Marley, available in Obsentum. If you are still undecided about a gift for a gentleman, go for sure and choose a set that contains several essential products in your care routine.

A floral arrangement

holiday gifts
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A floral arrangement can be the right gift, no matter who you want to give it to. You can customize it, from the choice of flowers and plants, to the container in which the miniature garden is placed, plus a message of the soul. This type of floral arrangements last for a long time, and root plants can be replanted.

The people invite us to tea

You want to sit by the fireplace, curl up in the couch with a book in your hand while the diffuse candlelight plays over the lines of words, pull a blanket over your knees and hold a Large cup of hot chocolate with both hands, while depenmemories? Sometimes winter can also be enjoyed from the window.

The travel invites us to relax and supports the cozy moments regardless of the season, making absolutely everything available to us. Haute Blank teapot, Theiere Vagues, London-Byon tea cups, White Wilow Moss-Woodwik scented candles, Winter Harvest Recipes book, by Maggie Beer, Vanilla OrchideTea, Marriage Freres and more. It’s up to you, your inspiration, your budget, but don’t forget the warm smile and the beautiful words spoken from the heart, they are the most beautiful gifts.

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