Why do we love pasta?

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Really good pasta

When we dine at an Italian restaurant, along with some steaming pasta, it is necessary to have a glass of red wine. That’s correct because the antioxidants in red wine also contribute to prolonging life. A portion of traditionally prepared pasta, cooked al dene, have plenty of basil, along with a lot of hearty tomato juice, as well as mushrooms or other herbs.

This delicious menu prolongs our lives and our peak, does not fatten us as most of us think. So it’s worth finding out the beautiful story of pasta to integrate them as correctly as possible into a balanced diet that does not endanger health.

A perfect recipe

Why we love pasta
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True pasta is designed in the vast majority of whole durum wheat and water. They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants essential for the body and in particular, for a long life. On the package is recommended a boiling time from 7 to 11 minutes to be observed with holiness. When the water boils, add the pasta and leave them exactly the time indicated on the package.

We take out the pasta and drain it and thus get the consistency of al dence, still a little hard. The reason is this: the starch in them will have slow discharge. We can combine pasta with mushrooms, vegetables, legumes. The ones with cheese, meat and eggs, fatten.

Why we love pasta
Image from Pixabay

Pasta sauce can be made with various steamed vegetables. We’ll add a few mushrooms. Tomato juice is added over vegetables, along with herbs: basil, crushed thyme and a little pepper. Enjoy your healthy pasta!

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