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Ginger therapy

Ginger therapy has been known since ancient times. Ancient dietitians recommended a special ginger therapy to improve digestion. Therapy is aimed at older people, whose digestive fire naturally diminishes with age. Ginger therapy is not recommended for young people and middle-aged people whose digestive disorders have other causes.

Ginger is considered in the Orient to be the best food capable of revitalizing the power of digestion. Older people and those with poor digestion can benefit greatly from adding spices to their food. It is good to add ginger, in our tea or in our diet, to revitalize our digestion.

Preparation mode

Ginger, the main ingredient in diet therapy, ginger therapy
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For this therapy we need a small enameled or ceramic bowl, in which we mix four tablespoons of ginger powder with 100-150 g of melted butter. Mix everything until we get a uniform paste. Cover with a lid and keep in a cool place.

We consume this mixture before breakfast,every day. Breakfast should include: herbal teas, freshly cooked vegetables and cereals. Therapy lasts ten days and is given as follows:

  • Day 1 – half a teaspoon
  • Day 2 – 1 teaspoon
  • Day 3 – 1.5 teaspoons
  • Day 4 – 2 teaspoons
  • Day 5 – 2.5 teaspoons
  • Day 6 – 2.5 teaspoons
  • Day 7 – 2 teaspoons
  • Day 8 – 1.5 teaspoons
  • Day 9 – 1 teaspoon
  • Day 10 – half a teaspoon

As we observe, the amount increases by half a teaspoon daily, then reaches a maximum, after which it decreases from the seventh day. The quantity on day 10 is half a teaspoon, as on day 1.

After the therapy is over, the digestive fire will be revitalized and we will feel more energetic. During therapy we should avoid products with a strong cooling effect, such as ice water, ice cream, refrigerator milk, frozen fruit, etc.

Ginger, the main ingredient in diet therapy, ginger therapy
Image from Pixabay

And a little secret for ginger therapy:melt the butter to improve its qualities. Melt the regular butter in a pan over a low heat until it becomes thick and has an olive color, then cool it. The butter thus prepared eliminates additives, does not increase cholesterol levels and can be stored for a long time without using preservatives.

Our body’s ability to digest food becomes weaker with age. We face stomach problems, intestinal disorders and feeling of weight throughout the body. Incomplete digestion leads to the formation of toxins exposing us to the risk of disease. Ginger therapy is an easy, pleasant and natural way to achieve health and vitality.

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