Why is kidney cleansing important?

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Kidney cleansing

Why is kidney cleansing important?
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Kidney cleansing is very impotent for the proper functioning of the body. Kidney cleansing requires a proper diet and the use of simple remedies within everyone’s reach. For the cleansing of the kidneys is talked a lot about the consumption of liquids. In Indian theory, the second chakra is associated with water and further with liquids. Liquids pass through the body faster than solids and help purify the body and avoid a toxin overload of the kidneys.

Juices and teas can also support this process of cleansing the kidneys. To maintain our health, it is good to consume enough fluids. Our consciousness goes from a sense of unity to awareness of difference. We want one, to overcome separation, to move forward and grow. All these aspects of the consciousness of the second chakra lead to change.

Change, an element of consciousness, suddenly awakens us from a deep sleep. Without change, the mind gets bored. Without movement,there is no growth, no movement, no life. Change must bring balance. The second chakra as I said controls the water element and functions like desire, pleasure sexuality, reproduction. It also controls other parts of the body: the uterus, genitals, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system.

The imbalance of the second chakra can lead to impotence, frigidity, problems in the uterus, kidney or bladder and stiffness of the lower back. The orange color brings balance, and the aromas of orris root, gardenia and damiane have beneficial effects. Mineral stones such as carneol, moonstone or coral can be worn. You can ask Archangel Gabriel to help you.

External symptoms of kidneys with impurities

Why is kidney cleansing important?
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Kidney cleansing is necessary when we notice bags under the eyes, white spots on the nails,palms are wet. Some causes of improper functioning of the kidneys, can lead to the accumulation of mucus and the formation of stones or the widening of the kidneys due to high fluid consumption.

Another cause may be kidney shrinkage as a result of excessive consumption of salt,meat, fish, bread, sweets, flour products and refined foods.

Bags under the eyes are a symptom of excess fluids or fat deposits in the kidneys. If the bags are soft, the fluid consumption is high. Hard bags under the eyes mean too much consumption of fatty dairy products, animal fats, fatty meats and sweets. Red eyelids signal the formation of kidney stones.

With the kidneys working well, we pee three to four times a day. If urination occurs more frequently, we need to limit fluid intake. The color of urine should resemble that of weak beer. A very light color means we need more salt. If the color is too dark, we should reduce salt consumption.

Another sign of high salt consumption are dark In this case we must remove salt from our diet. We can use greens as spices (garlic, parsley). As I said in the article: “2 natural recipes for kidney cleansing“, before starting kidney cleansing therapy, remove animal proteins (liver, meat soups, salted fish, roasted and smoked meat and sweets from the diet. Include more salads, fruits and wheat germs in the diet. A little salt can be used in salads to stimulate the kidneys.

3 recipes for kidney cleansing

kidney cleansing
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Whether you choose one of the two recipes for kidney cleansing,or the three that I will present below, also take into account the daily diet, especially during therapy.

Recipe 1. For good kidney cleansing results, drink half a glass of juice in the mixture of carrot, celery and parsley, three, four times a day for two weeks. This therapy is done twice a year, in summer and autumn.

Recipe 2. The drink from the beads helps to dissolve all the stones in the body and turn them into sand. Boil 2 tablespoons of the dandruff in 200 ml of water for 15 minutes, let it cool, then squeeze the drink. Drink a third of a glass three times a day for two weeks. Repeat therapy every three months.

Recipe 3. Parsnip juice is a very effective remedy against disorders of the genital and urinary system and kidney stones (especially when there are proteins in the urine or kidneys are infected). This remedy is taken on an empty stomach in pure form: 30-50 g once a day, from October to January.

Once we remove kidney stones, we must first make changes to our diet. Stones are just a symptom. The main cause of their formation is excess uric acid and its salts in our body due to a high protein diet and inactive lifestyle.

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