Yin and yang feng-shui talismans for each sign

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Lucky talismans

Does luck really exist? You can be sure of that! Otherwise, how can we explain situations where some win the lottery not once, but twice? Statistics say, “Impossible.” However, it happens to some. Luck spoils them and leads a blessed life. Do they use lucky talismans?

Yin and yang feng-shui talismans for each sign
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The Chinese have been gathering secrets about luck since the 2nd century B.C. The fate of the Celestial or destiny written in the stars can hardly be changed by man. Then comes Yang’s luck or daylight and Yin’s luck or nightlight, which can be improved with the help of cosmically correct lucky charms.

To increase your earthly luck, you could also change your work and living space according to the rules of feng shui. The talisman yang – daylight and yin (night light) are linked from the cosmic perspective of each Chinese zodiac sign corresponding to the year of birth.

Wearing your lucky talismans or keeping them close, you will harmonise your energy field and attract positive forces. Harmony is one of the seven major forces in the Universe. This energy sends only good things: peace, prosperity, happiness, health, joy, luck and love.

Yin and yang feng-shui talismans for each sign
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Talismans shouldn’t be lend! When you feel excited or need more self-confidence or a special situation, from a job interview to a meeting in the city, wear the lucky talismans or put them in your bag.

The longer you have a talisman, the stronger and more efficient their accumulated fast energy becomes. Therefore, you do not have to borrow anyone’s talisman. Lucky talismans also work on the third plane, helping to neutralize the mishaps that lurk.

The talismans of the Chinese zodiac

Animal Talisman Yang Talisman Yin
Rat Piano Harp
Ox Teapot The Bell
Tiger Scissors Shoe
Rabbit Cat Boat
Dragon Key Pearl ring
Snake Turtle Bird
Cal Duck Hat
Sheep Faclia Creatures of the Sea
Monkey Masks Moon
Rooster The money bag Bottle of wine
Dog Mandolin Butterfly
Wild boar Swan Water Fairy


Yin and yang feng-shui talismans for each sign
Image from Pixabay

Those born in the first six or seven weeks of the Western year are considered twice lucky or twice blessed when it comes to their talismans. They can choose between the lucky Chinese talismans belonging to the two zodiacs in which they were born. And that’s because there’s a seven-week difference between the Western and Chinese years. The year is not fixed, like ours. It can start anytime from January until mid-February.

Many people I know and belong to the category of those born “between years” use all six talismans of those zodiacs. There are even beautiful stories behind each group of three feng shui talismans. Would you like to hear a few …

Beautiful stories

Yin and yang feng-shui talismans for each sign
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There are shorter stories and longer stories. Tigertalismans, for example, are a little shoe and scissors (a small shoe, a miniature gold sandal, a cowboy boot, a sports shoe, a gold skate). The shoe is related to the foot, which, for a predator as fast as the tiger, is a source of luck and power. Scissors refer to the power of the impressive animal to “cut” the thread of life.

Ox, kettle and bell are linked to an old Chinese myth. This story about a lucky ox who had an enchanted kettle and no longer had to have the earth as hard as other oxen. From the kettle flowed all the goodness of the Earth – food, drink, silver, gold, love and luck.

Yin and yang feng-shui talismans for each sign
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Once, on a full moon night, while the ox was sleeping, the other oxen tied to the glia tried to steal his enchanted kettle. But every night the lucky ox would pull the talanga from his neck and hang it next to the kettle. When the bell rang, the ox woke up and saved his kettle, climbing with it to the sky. Every full moon night, if you look to the right side of the sky to the north, you can see the ox, the enchanted kettle and the bell lined up in the constellations.

Use your intuition because each set of talismans has a different effect on each wearer. Some people like to wear them only during the day or only at night. Others wear them all the time. For example, the tiger’s zodiac sign has a shoe talisman. You can choose a small high-heeled shoe, a miniature gold sandal, a boot, etc., all bode well.

At the office, you can even choose a larger version, such as a painting or paperweight. This brings positive qi energy around you by neutralizing the effect that irritated colleagues might have.

Yin and yang feng-shui talismans for each sign
Image from Pixabay

You can also make a collection of talismans, it represents a positive feng shui! You will discover that there is almost something magnetic in the habit of collecting all kinds of things. When friends hear of your passion, they will send you other copies from different places in which they travel.

Even Queen Elizabeth of England collects talismans. Most of them are gifts from her children. Many represent animals, and her collection includes miniature dogs (the queen loves the Welsh breed Corgi), horses, saddles and riding boots. Collecting talismans is undoubtedly a royal custom! A life full of health and prosperity!

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