You live in fear or in the flow of prosperity

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Fear creates energy blockages

Do you live with fear or optimism? Which of these two attitudes do you tend to develop? Studies show that long-lived people have the greatest capacity to recover from losses and defeats, because they look with confidence and optimism to the future. Above all physiological and psychological stimulant, there is the motivation that brings optimism, that energetic, conscious change that makes us change our attitude towards life.

Your attitude, it is the one that makes you become a happier person and attract more happy people around you. The universe is mainifested in remarkable and surprising ways, so we can attract good things when we are in the optimistic state of the Divine flow.

Happiness is about attitude
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Fear leads to depression and fear. The pessimistic ones worry most of the time and believe that any negative event can change their lives and that it can even be irreversible. The optimist generally feels relaxed in the present and confident in the future. I recommend the article: Depression decreases the immune system.

The pessimist feels powerless, as if he can not cope with situations, embraces his state of fear, tends to be nervous, irascible, inactive, addicted to old habits and hardly copes with the problems he faces. He always has fear in mind: “What if everything goes downhill?” He alone creates a mental and emotional pattern, on his own resonance, attracting like a magnet the vibrations in the Universe with which he resonates.

You live in fear or in the flow of prosperity
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Fear and doubt, attract exactly those results that we fear. Worries give rise to losses, which perpetuate even greater anxiety. The state of fear, of fear, discourages the energy of resolution and success. These people find it difficult to become optimistic, and it is good to use any opportunity in which to choose a new approach, a new attitude that will free them from this mental prison.

Pessimistic people anticipate negative topics and events. Others worry about believing that this helps them cope with any problem that may arise. This state of negative concentration, can not lead to positive results, so try to cancel this aggressiveness by changing the attitude. Or at least say: I have to let go of these worries. I am strong and believe in my ability to cope with any situation. All is well in my world. I’m protected! I recommend you read the article: Statements for an overflowing optimism.

An optimistic attitude makes you the winner

You live in fear or in the flow of prosperity
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The optimist gets great results. It produces positive results, perpetuating hopeful expectations. The optimistic attitude helps us to get through in life even when the results are late to appear. The attitude of hope and positive expectation puts us in the state of flux, that magical connection between personal intention and the solution of the Universe.

“See the thing you want as an existing fact – and everything you rightly want will be yours”

Robert Collier

The optimist isolates individual problems and considers them to be temporary. He is looking for solutions that he can manage and act spontaneously. Optimists tend to be more balanced, more active and more sociable. They temporarily become depressed, recover quickly and move on being very determined to move away from the past.

Anyone can get rid of the state of fear

You live in fear or in the flow of prosperity
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Fear can be induced, it can be created by us through limiting beliefs, it can be inherited from the family tree or other lives. When you try all kinds of methods to get rid of these states and fail to reach the desired result it is good to call a Personal Confidence Coach who will guide you to become aware and take the first steps to regain your esteem and self-confidence.

We all have a mission and the right to a beautiful and abundant life. Let us not miss wonderful opportunities because of some energetic and emotional blockages that we often put on our own. It is very important for each of us to adopt an affirmative lifestyle, which changes our mental and physical energy, creating new neural networks that bring us into the state of flow. I invite you to our private group Reiki Harmony & Prosperity for more information and 1:1 Coaching sessions.

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