Natural remedies for the elimination of parasites

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Disease of the century, infestation of the body with parasites

We want to accept it or not, we are all exposed in these times to a polluted nature, water and infested food. The reality is that our body is subjected daily to by-products of the oil industry, such as solvents.

Parasites and isopropyl alcohol

Researcher Hulda Clark (1928 – 2009), renowned biologist and biophysicist, author of a series of books, the best known of which: Healing all forms of cancer; Healing all diseases; Healing Hiv/AIDS; Cure and prevention of all forms of cancer; concluded that all forms of cancer are similar. They’re all caused by a single parasite. This is the human intestinal trematode. If you destroy this parasite, the evolution of the cancer will stop. The tissue will become normal again.

Natural remedies for the elimination of parasites
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Eczema is also due to cylindrical worms. Attacks of apoplexy (caused by the ascaris worm, which penetrates the creer), Schizophrenia and depression are caused by other parasites in the creer. Asthma is caused by ascarids in the lungs. Diabetes is caused by the pancreatic trematode of Eurytrema cattle. Migraines are caused by the Stronglaides nematode. Rosacea acne is caused by Leishmania. Many of the human heart diseases are caused by Dirophilaria, which is located in the heart of the dog… and the list goes on.

Parasites cannot live in organs other than the intestine and only in the presence of isopropyl alcohol.

How does isopropyl alcohol get into your body?

Isopropyl alcohol is a substance to which we are all subjected. It is even found in some medicines (small medicine containers are sterilized with isopropyl alcohol), in commercial fruit juices, carbonated drinks, cold-processed cereal flakes, teas in sachets (preferably to choose bulk), white sugar (choose your brown), decaffeinated coffee, bottled water, even distilled and mineral water, in most shampoos, creams, mouthwash, hairspray for hair,in aftershawe and the list can continue.

Elimination of parasites in 3 weeks

Natural remedies for the elimination of parasites
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Fortunately there is a simple program, within the reach of anyone of 100% elimination of intestinal parasites.

Researcher Hulda Clark, recommends a balanced lifestyle and a treatment based on 3 herbs: (capsules or tea)

  • Wormwood – in the form of capsules or tea.
  • Cloves – whole cloves are recommended instead of capsules.
  • Tincture in black walnut shell.

These 3 ingredients taken together have the potential to kill most of the parasite species that colonize our bodies. They are mostly 100% natural and can be found in any naturist shop (black walnut tincture is less often found in shops, but it is easy to find on the internet.

The treatment program has 2 phases:

The beginning phase (deparasitization) – in which intensive treatment is done to remove accumulated parasites and eggs.

Maintenance phase – in which treatment is taken once a week, to prevent a new overinfection, which you should keep regularly for the rest of your life.

I mean: Once every week you will take 2 teaspoons of black walnut tincture, 7 capsules of wormwood and 7 capsules of cloves (about 3 teaspoons of whole cloves).

Simple, right? By following these principles we will help the body enormously in the battle with parasites, to which we are all exposed every day.

Other remedies that help in the fight with parasites:

Raw pumpkin seeds. Renowned bioenergotherapist Valeriu Popa recommends a cure of about 50 pumpkin seedsin the morning on an empty stomach. This remedy has the ability to kill the most common species of parasites.

Garlic is known for its antiparasitic, antifungal, antibacterial qualities, being a natural antibiotic.

Natural remedies for the elimination of parasites
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Coconut has many benefits: antiparasitic, antibacterial, antifungal. You can consume natural coconut oil,but whole coconut is recommended.

Clay is an excellent remedy for parasites, having many benefits. Cleans the entire body of toxins and heavy metals, purifies the blood, detoxifies the liver, detoxifies the intestines, balances the endocrine glands, helps the intestinal flora, has antidepressant and anti-stress effect, repairs lesions in the entire digestive tract (from gingivitis, red in the throat, gastritis, irritable bowel, to hemorrhoids). It is recommended clay powder or granules, which are left in a cup of water from evening until morning. In the morning mix and drink cloudy clay water.

Vitamin C plays an essential role in the optimal functioning of the body, all the more so in the effective elimination of parasites. Vitamin C is good to procure from nature, it is much more qualitative than in capsules. Important sources of Vitamin C,we find in: green peppers (triple compared to citrus), mice, buckwheat, parsley,kiwi, currants, oranges,etc. The point is that there are enough sources of Vitamin C in nature, without the need to opt for capsules.

Vegetable fibers are essential to eliminate constipation (which can inevitably lead to the development and multiplication of parasites).

Probiotics and Prebiotics. Intestinal flora is the barrier between parasites, harmful bacteria and viruses in the gut and the rest of the body. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria like those in the gut, which are found in fermented products, especially yogurt and kefir. Prebiotics are foods that feed beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora. These are found in: chicory, turnip, raw onions,raw garlic, asparagus,wheat bran, beans and peas, spinach and green leafy vegetables,bananas, oats, etc.

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit

B.K.S. Iyengar

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