Emotional blockages prevent healing

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Health by removing emotional blockages

We humans have chosen to disturb the rhythms of Nature and complicate life. We don’t say what we want to say, we worry about things we can’t change and we don’t act on what we can change. We focus on what we don’t have and we’ve long forgotten what we’re here for.

We create illusions for ourselves, which at first glance seem real. Just as a child plays with his toys, being completely absorbed by the game, so is our world, full of toys designed to make our lives easier.

But what does all this have to do with the disease? yes, an emotional cause. We can’t isolate the disease from the context in which it occurs. We cannot disregard the world we live in, we cannot cure a disease without looking for the cause. If we understand the cause, healing is really possible.

Emotional balance is related to healing, assuming solving the dualities and returning to the state of unity. We are not yang or yin, both yin and yang complement and balance each other in a perfect way.

The imbalance in our lives

Any deviation from balance is called imbalance. The imbalance is not a natural state for humans, but most are unbalanced. The reason is simple: lack of motivation alongside lack of knowledge. Normally, we don’t need knowledge to maintain our health, everything we need is already in our system.

Moving away from divinity, we have moved away from the self-regulating intelligence: the innate wisdom of the body. Understanding the disease is related to the appropriation of the wisdom of the healthy body. Illness is not something that hits us and ready. The disease is part of a complex system and shows that we need to make some changes in our lives.

Emotional blockages prevent healing
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We often feel alone, we feel like we are just just patients like everyone else. We neutralize the healing process, focusing on symptoms and parts, not the whole body. We ignore the healing power of the mind and a therapy through nutrition and natural plants, preferring chemical drugs.

Usually people go to the doctor especially in cases of trauma, circulatory disorders and other life-threatening diseases. When it comes to finding the true cause of a chronic disease, the picture changes completely.

Healing through alternative medicine

According to the World Health Organization, health is the state in which an individual does not suffer emotionally, physically or socially. In alternative medicine a globally accepted definition of health is: “optimal functioning of the body, mind and soul.”

There are many alternative healing therapies: bioenergetic medicine, NLP, Shiatsu, Qigong, Reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, natural therapy, hypnosis, osteopathic medicine, ortomolecular therapy, thalassotherapy and many others. Alternative medicine guides us to the most appropriate therapy, to the most appropriate practitioner for the medical situation in question.

Maintaining health is like maintaining cleanliness in a home. The question is, how consistent are we? Some people clean at any time, others every day, others weekly. Those who clean once a month will have a lot to do and will feel tired, exhausted, even a few days after they have finished the job.

Emotional blockages prevent healing
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The body also behaves in a similar way. Maintaining a perfect balance depends on many factors that can block our healing:

  • our constitution from a genetic point of view (genetically based thoughts, metabolic weaknesses).
  • the karmic baggage we’re facing right now.
  • mental focus (how connected we are to health or illness, depends on our beliefs and thoughts).
  • the degree of pollution of our body through food additives, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, etc.
  • the amount of energy directed at other energy-consuming factors, such as stress, worries, infections, allergies, anxiety.
  • electromagnetically polluted or contaminated environment.
  • number of infections in the body: parasites,sinusitis, cavities, etc.
  • the degree of relaxation we regularly experience (meditation, music, etc.).
  • the extent to which we do exercise and exercise.

So it’s easy to be healthy, we just have to take control of these factors and we’re on the right track!

Reprogram your mind!

The most important thing is to be very clear and specific in your intention, conditioning the mind in the sense of vitality and optimal functioning of the body. Any thought or emotion has a bio-energetic resonance, it travels through the body at the speed of light and is received by the chakras and meridians. Thoughts and other vibrations are sent into the space around us and beyond. They can reach other people.

Emotional blockages prevent healing
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One of the most important keys to healing is how we interpret the signs of the body. Attitudes towards health and towards one’s own body, by being in control and eliminating feelings of despair and helplessness. Everything that happens to us has a meaning, and we can change that meaning by informing ourselves.

Wise words:

Buddha: “Every man is the author of his own health.”

Tryon Eduards: ” Life does not depend on how old you are but on temperament and health. Some people are born old and some never grow up.”

James H West: ” Health is a great word. It encompasses not only the head, but the mind and spirit but also the perspective of a man.”

Samuel Johnson: ” To preserve health is a moral and religious duty, health is the basis of all social virtues, and they can no longer be useful when we are not feeling well.”

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