Thoughts and waves of the sea

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The thought is a boomerang

Any thought we make is a boomerang. Thoughts are like the waves of an ocean. They are innumerable. Some thoughts will resist our will, while others will burst into a way just as we think we have won.

Always pay attention to what you think, for everything that comes out of your mind turns back. If you hate someone, hate will turn against you. If you love, you will get back love. A bad thought is three times cursed. First, he insours the issuer, affecting his mental body. Secondly, he insours the one to whom he is addressed.

Thoughts and waves of the sea
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An evil thought harms all humanity by tainted its mental atmosphere. If you maintain thoughts of hatred, you are also a murderer, for the thoughts issued kill in their world, but also a suicide, for they turn against you.

A mind engaged in evil thoughts acts as a magnet, attracting similar thoughts and thus amplifying the original evil. Bad thoughts thrown into the mental atmosphere poison receptive minds. Thought is the root of action,and the persistent maintenance of a bad thought will lead over time to the commission of criminal actions.

Thoughts are messages sent to the world

The thought moves at an astonishing speed, and can influence many people. Thus those who emit sublime, positive thoughts can help both those nearby, but also others at great distances.

Thoughts and waves of the sea
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Those who exude thoughts of hatred, jealousy, revenge and malice are truly very dangerous people. They maintain in the world an atmosphere of agitation and strife. Their negative thoughts and feelings are transmitted in the ether like radio or TV messages and are received by those people whose minds resonate with such vibrations.

The force of thought is so great that you can spin the earth through it. It can be transmitted from one man to another. Psychic yogis can perceive these thoughts – image and read them. We’re basically surrounded by an ocean of thoughts.

We all absorb certain thoughts and emit others into this universe. Each has its own world of thoughts and all these worlds dissolve in the great ocean of the Cosmic Mind.

The wonders of vibrations – thought

Any thought that starts from you is a vibration that will never die. He will continue to trace through his vibration all the particles of the universe and if it is a noble, holy and forceful thought, he will similarly activate all minds that resonate with him.

Thoughts and waves of the sea 1
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This mechanism will allow all those who resemble you to take your thoughts unconsciously and begin to emit similar thoughts, depending on their own inner capacity.

Without knowing the consequences of your own actions, set in motion huge forces, amplified by the power of the resonance of good thoughts, which will defeat the evil thoughts emanating from the selfish or evil.

Thoughts have enormous power, can cure diseases and transform mentalities. Thoughts can do virtually anything, even great wonders have been created practically by the incredible power of thought.

Thought creates the world

Thoughts and waves of the sea
Image from Pixabay

The thought makes things exist to develop desires and excite passions. Contrary thoughts that seek the annihilation of desires and passions will counterbalance the effects of the first thoughts. This is a very important thing: when you are assailed by a certain desire or passion, the contrary thought will help you destroy it.

If you think of someone as your friend, this will turn into reality. If you instead view him as an enemy, the mind will also update this thought.

That is why it is good to control our minds through constant practice to attract happiness. You hold in your hands the full power to choose your thoughts and thus draw to you the influences you want.

Use this power of thought and do not limit yourself to being poor creatures beaten by the waves of random circumstances.

Remember that: “man is what he thinks.”

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