Year of the Wooden Dragon – 2024 predictions for each zodiac sign

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Year of the Wooden Dragon

The Year of the Wooden Dragon brings a magnificent comeback after the relaxing year of the rabbit. The indomitable spirit of the dragon will enliven everything, in the most unsuspected dimensions that some will seem unreal. The Year of the Dragon brings a lot of energy and euphoria, and it’s good to keep everything in balance without overestimating ourselves or our potential.

It is a good year for business because money can be obtained more easily. Investments are welcome this year. In the year of the dragon it is good to act in style, we can overcome our limits, even bet everything on one card. Asians consider this year good for marriages, the birth of children or the start of new businesses. The dragon fills us all with his blessing indiscriminately, he disappears when we have to pay for our mistakes.

The most feared, however, are the years of the fire dragon (1976, 2036..) because they bring with them natural disasters. This year is also marked by violent and surprising natural phenomena. There will be riots and discontent due to constraints and everyone will seek support in what they believe. The electrifying atmosphere created by the mighty dragon will affect us all, without exception. However, it is good to shorten the horizon very carefully and seriously prepare for grandiose projects with a lot of ambition and boldness.

Year of the Dragon – predictions for each sign in 2024

Rat - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Rat. A very good year in which businesses can bring you consistent financial gains and promotions to match. But beware of new friends or associates who tend to use you. However, it is a good year because love is knocking on the door. Health is good and everything seems to be going well this year.

Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Ox. You will be very busy this year with numerous unexpected changes and complications. Plans will be made more slowly than you want. Work hard for your goal and you will meet people with a lot of influence who will help you. It’s a good year, enjoy.

Tiger - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Tiger. A somewhat more modest year in which money comes harder or he can let himself be influenced by others to make unprofitable investments. It can be unhappy because of the breakup with a loved one, or some friendships can break. They have difficulty adapting to changes even if they are in their own interest. Health is good. Surely the tiger will make its way forward and everything will go well this year as well.

Rabbit - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Rabbit. It’s a good year, with a lot of happiness at home or in his career. The financial situation is not exactly satisfactory, but he will be satisfied overall, the gains will outweigh the losses. They will make influential friends who will be useful to them in the future.

Dragon - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Dragon. A very good year in which promotions or fantastic progress in his business are foreseen. Anything he undertakes can be successful. This year the dragon will be on constant alert for its benefit. Action and prosperity!

Snake - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Snake. A modest year in which there are no very high earnings or career promotions in sight. Stay away from malicious gossip or jealous partners. The first half of the year is good to pay attention to excesses of all kinds, so that you can enjoy better news in the second part of the year. Eliminate extravagances and be careful with your money!

Horse - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Horse. A year with many obstacles. Get your businesses in order! Worries that weigh on your shoulders will endanger your health. But you should not expect the worst, everything passes and the damage is not as great as you expect. Look on the bright side of life. It is good to make new friends and reconcile with enemies. Look at the full side of the glass!

Sheep - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Sheep. A year with a lot of turmoil and modest earnings. Although they will have some disputes, they will cope without too much trouble. Money comes hard in the year of the dragon. It is good to take risks and make radical changes in his life. Every change brings new perspectives.

Monkey - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Monkey. A year mixed with many worries, unresolved disputes and major expenses. The benefits he will receive this year are neither material nor immediate in achievement. The monkey must be vigilant and learn a lot. They must not risk for any reason or speculate.

The Rooster - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Rooster. A prosperous year in which he will be successful on all levels. He can be promoted in his career or occupy management positions. Health is good. There will be some frustrations that will tire and annoy you, but don’t worry everything passes. It is a year when some family events bring joy. A child may be born or someone may marry in the family.

The Dog - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Dog. A pretty tough year for the dog. May be prone to infectious or contagious diseases. A year in which they have to sit quietly, take care of their health. The good news comes towards winter.

Wild boar - Year of the Metal Ox 2021
Image from Pixabay

The Boar. A quiet year in which he will benefit from the support of very strong people. He will be appreciated by his superiors and will gain recognition and respect from his co-workers. Family life will be calm. A lot of concern for health or loss of personal belongings.

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