What to do to have prosperity in your life

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Do you accept prosperity?

When we talk about prosperity, a lot of us automatically think of money. Others say “money doesn’t bring happiness, it’s only a number”. Money is energy, it comes into our lives when we allow it and when we are open to the immense opportunities that exist in the Universe. We need money to create our daily comfort and well-being. In reality there are many more things that fall under the scope of this concept, such as: time, love, success, comfort, beauty, knowledge, personal development, relationships and health.

What to do to have prosperity in your life
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Each of us can receive the prosperity we deserve and even more than that. The planet we live on can provide us all with everything we need in abundance. The one who gives us the right to the best in our life, the one that affirms, thinks and acts, is our consciousness. Our thoughts create our reality. Every event in our lives is a feedback mechanism that can teach us what things we need to change further in our being.

You deserve to have a life full of prosperity

Everything around us is a reflection of what we think we deserve to receive from life. Let’s try to ask ourselves questions about our lives, and how good we feel at this moment. For example: when we look at our house, what do we feel? Is it comfortable and bright? Do we feel good about this place? Do we like the car we drive? The clothes we wear are old and do not come to us anymore? Have you done anything for your personal development lately? Your skin is charged and you try to use make-up as much as possible? You, do you love yourself? Do you have limiting beliefs about money?

The fear of money and limiting beliefs is always due to the programming that was inoculated in our childhood. Many of our parents lived with inherited beliefs, which they tried to pass on to the other generations. When growing up in such an atmosphere, few children are able to not accept these beliefs that limit their right to prosperity.

Make a list of limiting beliefs

Are you willing to receive prosperity in your life? Make a list of your parents’ limiting beliefs about money. Choose to transcend your parents’ fears and limitations, for your life no longer resembles theirs. Give up repeating these outdated beliefs. Build images in your mind that will bring you unsuspected opportunities. Meditation, the visualization method, your mood, your personal development shape your new life, full of prosperity. I invite you to join us in the group: Reiki Harmony & Prosperity to learn more.

If we ask God to give us the best for us, then we trust in the power within us to give us these things. Any situation arises in our lives, let us not rush to reject it. Let’s say “yes” to the world we live in and open ourselves up to the good. In this way, the opportunities and prosperity in our lives are amplified infinitely.

What to do to have prosperity in your life
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One of the simplest ways to work with ourselves, is to stand in front of the mirror, and think about the negative beliefs that were inoculated in our childhood and that have always affected our relationships. We will realize that we are constantly recreating the same behaviors ourselves. It is now necessary to think about the positive beliefs that were inoculated in our childhood. What kind of behaviors do they induce us, compared to negative ones?

Let us tell ourselves that negative thoughts are no longer useful to us and we replace them with positive affirmations. It is good to write down some statements, and repeat daily in front of the mirror. Let’s place these notes or statements somewhere in plain sight. It is very important to accept ourselves, to forgive ourselves and others, to love ourselves and to be open to all the wonderful and beneficial experiences that come our way. We invite you to our Group Reiki Harmony & Prosperity to learn more.

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