Affirmations for prosperity

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You are more than you dreamed you could be

. Find a quiet place, close his eyes and say: I am now projecting myself into that place within me where there is infinite wisdom. The answers I’m looking for already exist inside of me. Read daily or listen to statements for a prosperous life and miracles will not cease to appear.

I am open and receptive to all the wonderful experiences that life brings my way. I say “yes” to the world in which I live, and in this way the opportunities and prosperity in my life are amplified infinitely.

New horizons have opened up for me and I leave behind my own limitations that I no longer use. I am grateful and thank life for the privilege of being here and experiencing all that exists. I am a wonderful man, I am healthy, happy and fulfilled.

I’m always learning new things for my personal development. I am creative and flexible in my work. I love what I do and my work satisfies me deeply. I work with people who love me. I earn beautiful money by doing the activity that I like the most. I’m constantly increasing my income. My money comes from a lot of sources. Thrive whatever I do. I am creative and full of joy. My spiritual beliefs support me and help me fulfill my full potential.

I feel safe and allow myself to grow. I feel fulfilled on all levels, people love me and I love people. I am with the women who are in charge of healing other women. I love, support and enjoy the women in my life. I feel fulfilled from all points of view.

Affirmations for prosperity
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I accept and use my personal power. I deserve to enjoy love and respect. I don’t depend on anyone, I’m free, I stand on my feet and enjoy who I am. I am a wonderful, wise and beautiful being. I love what I see inside of me. My life is full of love. The love in my life begins with me. I have control over my life. I am a strong woman. I have harmony and prosperity in my life.

I accept the gifts of this moment and give myself all the joys I need. I am safe and allow myself to grow. I am healthy, happy and fulfilled. I am a magnificent and divine expression of life, and from this moment on I manifest my intention to live fully. Everything evolves for the supreme good of all persons. Thank you to life for the gifts I have received, thank you for whatever I receive and for all I can offer.

I allow myself to receive prosperity in my life. I deserve the best in my life. Everything I need to know is revealed to me. Everything I need comes to me at the right time and in the right place. Life is a joy and is imbued with love. They live in prosperity. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! We invite you to our Reiki Harmony & Prosperity group

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