7 basic fitness exercises

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Fitness exercises for a perfect physical condition

A full fitness program includes exercises to improve flexibility and endurance. Improving body suppleness increases the level of physical and emotional comfort and reduces the risks of injury. Every time we start exercising, we have to start with warming up, to stretch and ensure body flexibility.

I propose 7 basic exercises, which you can do every two days for two weeks. You will notice a noticeable improvement in muscle tone and strength. Plan to spend four, five minutes each day, performing each exercise in a thirty-minute force session.

7 fitness exercises

7 basic fitness exercises
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Rotations. This exercise strengthens the muscles that act the elbow. We choose to start with an object that weighs about 2 kg. You can buy a small weightlift, or you can use an unstarted bottle of half a liter of water.

Sitting on a chair with your back resting, repeat the movement ten, fifteen times: start with the forearm resting on your knees, with your palm up. Slowly stretch the elbow and then secure it completely. Inhale as you bend your arms and exhale when you stretch them.

After performing a complete set of exercises, rest for about half a minute and then repeat. Practice three, five times with each arm. After a few weeks, you can gradually increase the weight by adding half a kilo. This exercise strengthens, first of all, biceps.

Shoulder rotations. A very good exercise, which reduces shoulder problems, is one that strengthens the muscles that rotate the arms outwards. Most exercise programs do not include these external rotations, creating imbalances in the scapular belt. These imbalances then predispose to rotational sleeve accidents.

Stand with your back resting and use the same weight (small weightlift). With your elbows glued to your body, start with your arms facing forward and parallel to the floor. Turn your hands outwards now, stretching them as far as you can. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then return to the starting point. Repeat the external rotations ten times.

Another way to strengthen the same muscle, is by using an elastic rubber band, which you stretch with both hands. Then turn your arms outwards, using the rubber band as a strength element.

7 basic fitness exercises
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Floats. This well-known exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the scapular belt and triceps. If you can’t do the push-ups with your legs perfectly straight, start by leaning your weight on your knees. Inhale when you go down to the floor and exhale when you get up.

Start with eight, ten push-ups, resting for half a minute between rehearsal sets. Aim to make three sets in the first week, gradually increasing to five.

Tractions of the abdomen. When doing the abdomen tractions, it is important to know that you have to raise your head only 25-30 degrees from the ground, for maximum efficiency. Unlike push-ups, the vertebral cord does not unnecessarily press the spine.

Sit on a mattress with your knees bent and your fingers under your head. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor with your chin away from a fist to your chest. Inhale when lifting and exhale on descent. Performs fifteen tractions, followed by a half-minute break. It starts with three sets, gradually increasing to five.

Strengtheners for the middle. Sit on your stomach with your palms on the floor. Without pushing with your hands, slowly lift the chest off the floor by contracting the back muscles. Arms and hands are used only to ensure stability.

Regularly lifts and lowers the chest from the floor, using only the back muscles. Do twenty, twenty-five lifts at a time.

Strengthening the thighs. They are performed best, leaning with your hands against a table, or a chair. To protect the knees and get a complete strain of the thigh muscles, do not bend the knees to more than 90 degrees. Keep your back perpendicular to the floor. Inhale when flexing your knees and exhale when you get up. Start with fifteen flexions, rest half a minute and then repeat the set.

The same advantages can be obtained through step exercises. Look for a platform that is 30 cm high from the floor and climbs repeatedly, lifting one leg first, then the other. Start with twenty-five steps for each leg. Continue, until you feel a slight burn in the upper muscles.

You can also use weights to strengthen the muscles that stretch the knee. Sit on a chair, leaning back straight, put a weight of one to two and a half kilos around each ankle. Slowly straighten your knees and then slowly bring your feet back to the floor. Perform the exercise one leg at a time, then with the other, repeating, at first, about ten times.

7 basic fitness exercises
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Lifts on peaks. This exercise tones and strengthens the calf muscles. Stand barefoot, or in stockings, with your hands leaning against a table or chair. Slowly rise to the tops and then slowly descend. Inhale during lifting and exhale during descent. Run twenty, twenty-five lifts, rest for half a minute and repeat. Try, for starters, three sets of exercises and gradually increase to five.

Our body is a sophisticated biological tool, designed to transform creativity into manifestation through action. At any age, regardless of current health level, starting a fitness exercise program, will improve our physical and emotional state, we will rejuvenate. To achieve maximum benefits, a cardiovascular health program does not need to be complicated. We have to be persistent, we have to do a fitness program on a regular basis and no matter the weather, stick to it. Health!

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