An exceptional interview with Maria Smarandache

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Maria Smarandache brings us the information of the morning

I’ve known Mary for a long time, and I’ve always appreciated her tenacity and confidence that she can make things happen. Maria is a source of inspiration through everything she does, both personally and professionally. She gathers around her talented people, makes connections who make things move in the right direction. Today we invited her in a shortinterview to share with us both about the new show from Romanian National Television (TVR), which she moderates, and about her passions.

An exceptional interview with Maria Smarandache
Maria Smarandache – 3 Good Hours

What inspires you in your professional life?

Communication is an art. The desire for beauty, coherence and balance are very important when you want to present people with the information they need. It takes creativity and constant information to meet people with topics of common interest.

Those who know me know how much I want to have a united team, made up of quality people. We want to be the best in the field and for this we need positive thinking even in a social and economic context that is not always favorable. We encourage and support the presentation of successful models, the successes of Romanian entrepreneurs, information of general interest, all to motivate and give hope to the young generation. Every person I meet is a source of inspiration and that helps me a lot in my profession.

Tell us about your experience as a journalist

I have been a journalist in TVR since 2004, after several years spent as a reporter on the radio. I was in turn, moderator, co-host, reporter, I worked on many shows and I did various campaigns and live broadcasts from social, cultural and tourist events. I did interviews with personalities such as Nana Mouskouri, Jose Cura, Vlad Filat, Nina Casian, Norman Manea and many others.

Maria, you chose to present the morning show “3 Good Hours” from TVR. Tell us about how a day in your life as a journalist goes

An exceptional interview with Maria Smarandache
Maria Smarandache – 3 Good Hours

I am guided by an old and wise saying: He who wakes up in the morning far away arrives. I love what I do, it fulfills me a lot. I am a morning man and I like to organize my time very efficiently. Together with my colleagues, we are working out all the details related to the show. We bring news from all over the country, with the help of TVR reporters from the territorial studios of the Romanian Television, who put us up to date with all the useful and interesting events in the life of the community. We have topics of interest related to the economy, education, culture, entertainment, tourism, people’s passions, successful entrepreneurs and options for a healthy life, so together we start the day with confidence and positive energy.

Television is one of the means most used by people to get information, so our responsibility is great. During the “3 Good Hours”each day, we will talk about Romania and how we can make this wonderful place prosper. What we have to do and how we can remedy certain situations, we find out from guests specialized in different areas of common interest. It is the meeting point with the interest of the viewer and I am glad that I can meet people with good news and useful information”, said Maria Smarandache.

You have a great team! Tell us about your colleagues from “3 Good Hours”

An exceptional interview with Maria Smarandache
Maria Smarandache and Bogdan Muzgoci – 3 Good Hours

Anything new we start is a challenge says Maria. Together with my colleague Bogdan Muzgoci, we collect information of real interest for our audience and we establish the topics for future shows. We try to invite people specialized in their field of activity to talk to us about the interesting topics of the day. These are some of the beautiful challenges of the job.

Together we make a great team. Bogdan and I present the morning show “3 Good Hours” of TVR 1, which you can watch from Monday to Friday, from 07.00 to 10.00. Each person present on the set is part of the team, starting from the operators, the cameramen, the girls from the make-up, the colleagues from the direction, we all actively participate in the smooth running of the show.

Bogdan Muzgoci is a journalist with over 12 years in television. He was a reporter for B1 TV, Digi 24 and Reality TV. He has been a Talk show moderator and prime time presenter for the past 7 years. He is passionate about finance, crypto, automotive and foreign policy. The team of the show also includes journalists Mimi Necula, Laurențiu Ciocăzanu, Ana Maria Sandu and Măriuca Mihăilescu. The producer of the show is Aimee d’Albon.

What makes you happy? What passions do you have in your free time?

An exceptional interview with Maria Smarandache
Maria Smarandache – 3 Good Hours

We find happiness all the time in the little things: to admire the flowers in my garden, to have an interesting conversation, to enjoy my coffee with friends. I think happiness is a state of mind that needs to be maintained day by day with gratitude for the things we already have: the fact that I am healthy, I have a wonderful family and a successful career, that makes me happy. It is obvious that in life everything depends on us, on our attitude how we choose to look at things.

We live in a time with many challenges, with situations that put our patience to the test, we have questions that trouble us daily, but for each problem we find answers with our guests. So every morning from 7.00 to 10, from Monday to Friday, you are invited to watch the most watched news show of the morning, on TVR 1.

During the week I focus on the morning of TVR 1, and I spend the weekend traveling around the country, because I am a great lover of nature. I am fascinated by the wonderful landscapes of Romania, every time I discover something new, something that charges me with the beneficial energy to come back again with fresh forces in front of my dear viewers.

In closing, we would like to thank Maria for her time and we look forward to seeing her as soon as possible with other news.

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