What color do we choose your wallet to attract prosperity

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The wallet that brings us prosperity

When it comes to gifts,many of us turn to useful objects that bring fond memories to the recipient. Wallet is a great gift for anyone, especially if we choose according to Feng-Shui rules. We can choose the wallet according to the person we want to give it to, with the auspicious desire.

What color do we choose your wallet to attract prosperity
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It is good to choose a slightly larger wallet, the free space will attract even more money. Before handing over the gift or wallet, enter some money inside for luck and prosperity. If your wallet is too worn out it’s time to change it to a new one. Most of the time we like a wallet and we tend to hold it even when it doesn’t look good anymore.

We change the worn wallet with a new one, one that expresses who we are, expresses our goals and what experiences we want to draw into our lives. The wallet is good to be roomy enough, well compartmentalized so that there is room for banknotes, coins, and these spaces are delineated. Money loves order and discipline. It is good to appreciate the money and not fold it or bend it at the corners.

Color of abundance

Most of the time we are guided by instinct and say that the thing we want has chosen us. The wallet we choose doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s good to enjoy having it and especially, to like it when we take it out of your bag or out of your pocket.

What color do we choose your wallet to attract prosperity
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There are a few rules in Feng-Shui theory that it is good to take into account in order to increase our financial abundance. The wallet is the home of money and it is good to treat them with respect. They say the money comes to people who treat it with respect and gratitude. Colors influence our lives, give us energy, calm us down, the same happens when we buy your wallet.

Red is apparently the most appropriate color when it comes to success, fame and power. Red is the energy of fire and the sun always associated with a good flow of abundance. In China and India, red is associated with love and romance. It’s the color of happiness.

Black is the color recommended by Feng-Shui specialists for financial power. It is associated with thriving businesses that bring a lot of money. Black symbolizes water, which in turn symbolizes abundance and prosperity. We can also choose a dark blue wallet in this context.
Gold and green. The golden color brings abundance, luck and enrichment, and green is associated with wealth, spore and money. These are some recommendations of feng-shui specialists. We can, however, choose whatever color we like and feel that it represents us, pink, purple, white.

Let’s clean up periodically

What color do we choose your wallet to attract prosperity
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As we used to tidy up the house,so do the wallet. It’s good to have orders here, too, to throw away what it no longer uses to create space for a new energy. This way we release the stagnant energy and make room for new, fresh energy to enter.

It is good to remove receipts and vouchers from shopping, because it will attract even more expenses. To order periodically is a ritual that will bring silent benefits. This is also true for business cards that we collect and for one reason or another are no longer useful to us. So, at work, the wallet is with and about the money.

It is good to keep in your wallet especially the cards we use regularly, because they represent financial abundance. Just as important is where we place your wallet. We can create a special place at the entrance to the house, maybe right next to the pier or find a special place. When the money in our lives feels safe and respected, we will attract more abundance.

Other tips

What color do we choose your wallet to attract prosperity
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  • Let’s always keep money in our wallets. The lack of money sends us uncertainty. A wallet with money has beneficial and soothing effects on the psyche and will attract abundance.
  • To attract abundance, according to Feng-Shui remedies we can place in your wallet some Chinese coins. It’s the most powerful symbol of well-being! We can choose three Chinese coins to tie together with a red thread, attract prosperity.
  • Money loves order, so it’s good to try as much as possible to arrange the banknotes according to their type.
  • Remove from your wallet anything unrelated to money: health cards, personal documents, car license or other documents and invoices.
  • When we buy a new wallet, let’s put an expensive gold jewelry inside. We can add in an envelope, mint leaves and a cinnamon powder, they say they attract money.

The opportunities in life we create them ourselves. It is good to consider this “cleanliness” in all areas of life. We are in a changing world, everything is moving fast, there are a lot of opportunities, even despite the current bottlenecks and the pandemic situation. Let us take action, let us be mentally active so that we can create our way to prosperity.

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