Attitude is the art of staying young

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Ageing is a problem of attitude

Most people look less in the mirror as they get older. It is hard to come to terms with the fact that our eyes, once big and beautiful, are now partially covered by swollen eyelids that hang over them and obvious bags appear under our eyes and make our face look old and unhappy.

Over the years, people have sought to be immortal and sought the elixir of youth. Many say that we should not oppose the ageing process. Why is the body aging? One of the reasons is even its own attitude, which makes the body accelerate the process based on such fears and thoughts.

How the aging process progresses depends largely on the psychological attitude towards aging and death. All people have the ability to influence all the processes of life using our minds. There are many examples of people who got sick as a result of being frightened of it. There are also many examples of individuals who have conquered diseases in the last phase just by maintaining a positive mental attitude.

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Our thoughts have the power to make us healthy or sick, they can also make us young or old. When we think about our age, we usually think in comparative terms of different periods of life: marriage, raising children, menopause in women, retiring and so on.

When we are convinced that nothing can be done against the natural aging process, we schedule premature aging. As soon as we notice the first wrinkles, thinning of the hair, knee pain, we pronounce the diagnosis: “I’m getting old”.

This creates the need to become less active, conserve energy and lead a quieter life. We do not realize that we have made these signs possible through inadequate diet, sedentary lifestyle and lack of youthful enthusiasm for life.

We shorten our lives by misusing psychological powers. the aging process occurs because of the way we anticipate it subconsciously. The crucial period is the age of 40-50 years. During this period it is necessary to pay special attention to the hygiene, condition of the skin, hair, hands, feet and nails, the flexibility and strength of our knees and the general condition of our body.

The Art of Staying Young

Our positive thoughts and emotions act like the elixir of youth. Regardless of age we can use thoughts and emotions to give back the arms of our biological clock.

Light movements, straight posture, flexibility, flat abdomen, clear and shiny eyes are physical qualities that people unaffected by old age have.

According to scientists, we only use 10% of our brain capacity, which means we have a wide supply of mental skills that can be put to work.

Attitude is the art of staying young
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Memory is a wonderful gift of nature. Memories engage emotions and these in turn, especially positive ones, put hormones (endorphin – the hormone of happiness) at work and alongside hormones from all the receiving cells to work throughout the body.

The constant orientation towards youth and health not only delays aging, but can even bring our youth back.

We have selected some ancient proverbs, very effective to serve you positively, to prolong your youth, to enjoy your health and to delay your old age as much as possible.

  • Health is the greatest asset.
  • The greatest gift you can receive or give is love.
  • Love yourself as you are.
  • Don’t be jealous of anyone.
  • If you don’t like the way you are, make changes in your life.
  • Anger, insults and self-criticism and criticism of others are very harmful to your health.
  • Never think of disease, old age or death.
  • Love is the best remedy against disease or aging.
  • The best day of your life is today.
  • The best city is the one where you feel lucky.
  • The best occupation is the one you love.
  • Losing hope is the biggest mistake.
  • Fear and corruption are the worst sins.
  • Concern makes you leave this world.
  • Greed, avarice and inability to overcome weaknesses are your enemies.
  • Help the poor, the sick and the elderly with joy.

Our body works because of a fingerprint endowed by nature, certainly the number of years we live on this planet depends to a large extent on the daily attitude towards maintaining the body.

“If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

Mary Engelbreit

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