Raw cabbage makes us long-lived

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Cabbage is the secret of eternal youth

Surely you have wondered what is the secret of the eternal youth of the Chinese people. Well, it’s cabbage. In regions where raw cabbage is consumed, longevity is much greater. Cabbage can be eaten as such, in salads of crudités or light dishes. Russian scientist Mechanicov said that in order to maintain our health and be as long-lasting as possible it is good to make cabbage juice cures (1 glass a day) between meals.

Cabbage juice is used in cosmetic against acne and helps us in slimming straps. This effect is due to the fact that the antioxidants present in this basic food support the elimination of toxins from the body, along with excess water. The body is encouraged to burn the fats and deposits it has stored for a long time.

Cabbage is a genuine food and medicine

Cabbage is native to the Mediterranean basin, constituting one of the basic foods. The group of verse is extremely uniform, consisting of biennial plants, belonging not only to the same family (Cruciferae), but even to the same genus (Brassica). Modern phytotherapy recognizes a number of very important properties of verse, as opposed to cauliflower where no medicinal uses are cited.

Raw cabbage makes us long-lived
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It has been cultivated for more than 7 millennia in Europe, being appreciated for its therapeutic properties by Hippocrates, Chrisyp, Pliny the Elder, Galen, becoming considered a true panacea. The Censor’s Caton said that with the romans’ current use of cabbage, they could be deprived of doctors for thousands of years. But since empires don’t last for millennia, the concept of “panacea” didn’t stand the way either.

Cabbage is a huge repository of substances beneficial to the body

The most important varieties of cabbage from a medicinal point of view are the following: white cabbage, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts. Being very low in fat and calories (100 g of leaves provides only 25 calories), cabbage is incredibly nutritious.

Cabbage is an incredible repository of phytochemical substances such as thiocyanates, indol-3-carbinol, lutein, zeaxanthin, sulforaphane and isothiocyanates. These are antioxidants, known for the protection it confers on the body against breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, reducing the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood (“bad” cholesterol).

Raw cabbage makes us long-lived
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Cabbage contains sodium between 6-10 mg%, calcium 35 mg%, phosphorus between 20-70 mg%, iron between 0.4-0.9 mg%. The vitamin A content is only 6 micrograms % in white cabbage and in Brussels 65 micrograms %. Contains Vitamin B1 and B2, niacin, Vitamin C, K and F. It is worth mentioning that environmental pollution causes the accumulation of microelements like: Sr, Pb, Cd, Co, Cr, Ni, As, Hg, some harmful to the body.

Although cabbage is a culture specific to the warm season, it can be found in markets and supermarkets all year round. When buying it it is good to choose the one with leaves of intense green color, hard, without signs of mold or wilted. Although it is ideal to consume cabbage immediately after purchase, it can be stored in the refrigerator where it can maintain its qualities for a week.

Cabbage and its therapeutic recommendations

Cabbage is a general disinfectant, with an effect especially on Gram-negative germs. On Eberth’s bacillus, the agent of typhoid fever has a remarkable bacteriolytic action, due to lactic acid, which is formed by preserving raw white cabbage.

Cabbage has antianemy and sedative properties, having a beneficial effect also in arthritis. Traditional medicine is known the recommendations of verse, used externally, for the relief of muscle pain, rheumatic neuralgia (with special effect in lumbago, sciatica), gout and even dental.

The decongestive, healing and antiseptic properties make cabbage a real remedy in contusions and wounds, even the most serious. The same properties together with that of tissue regeneration, make cabbage useful in arthritis, varicose ulcers, vascular diseases of superficial vessels (hemorrhoids).

Cabbage is recommended for both frostbite and burns, while calming the pain caused by Zoster Zone, by scarring and increasing circulation in the area concerned. Cabbage also has a positive action in dermatological conditions, for various types of eczema and acne.

Raw cabbage makes us long-lived
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External treatment may be associated with internal treatment in non-fritic colic, but especially in lung diseases (bronchitis, pleurisy), as well as in upper respiratory tract conditions. Encouraging results have been found through the effect they have on external tumors.

Internally, cabbage has special effects on hyperacid gastritis and gastric ulcers, due to the action of Vitamins U and K, which protect the mucosa, having the role of antihemorrhagic. Red cabbage is a disinfectant of the digestive tract, due to the presence of lactic acid, and the juice is strongly laxative. Cabbage juice has antiparasitic (antihelmintic) action against oxides and limbrics.

Cabbage (especially red cabbage), also has favorable effects in asthma, protecting the respiratory system in case of bronchitis and laryngitis. The cabbage cure has diuretic action, which can even lead to the absorption of edema. It is recommended in urinary lithiasis, and increased diuresis improves the states of ascites and cirrhosis.

A group of American researchers prepared from white cabbage an extract called “glutamine”, which was used in the treatment of alcoholism. By low hypoglycaemic content, cabbage is an ideal food and in the diet of diabetics.

Fresh cabbage juice

Raw cabbage makes us long-lived
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Juice obtained from fresh cabbage contains Vitamin C and Vitamins from groups B, K, PP. It is a remedy for diabetes, arthritis, duodenum ulcers, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, obesity and disorders of the thyroid gland. Cabbage juice cleanses our body by the presence of sulfur, chlorine and iodine compounds.

A glass of cabbage juice in the morning and evening allows us to lose our extra weight, because the juice causes intensive disintegration of the fatty tissue. However, if our intestines do not work well, cabbage juice can cause gas. In this case we don’t have to drink any more cabbage juice until we clean our intestines.

Pickled cabbage

Pickled cabbage contains more Vitamin C than raw cabbage. By the presence of Vitamins B12, slows down cellular aging, protecting the nervous system and memory loss. Pickled cabbage, treats ulcers, as it contains Vitamin U (antiulceric vitamin). Hypotensivepeople can consume a glass of pickled cabbage juice every day. Pickled cabbage juice also helps people with constipation, detoxifies the body, preventing respiratory infections in winter.

“Think of today what you’re going to eat tomorrow.” Any proper diet and healthy eating means concern and care for our food, not random food.

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