Consciousness of the present moment

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Consciousness -“take everything as it comes”

The consciousness of the present moment translates as the expression: “I must not attach myself to anything, considering that it is mine or represents me”. Consciousness means that nothing we identify with can really be called our own. We can consider our body as a physical vehicle, and every atom that makes it up is just a temporary loan from the environment.

In the course of a year, almost every atom, which we commonly call ourown, will no longer be within the limits of our skin. Our thoughtsare not actually our thoughts. They are part of the collective mind. The same goes for our emotions. Every emotion you’ve ever had, exaltation, despair, joy, frustration, ecstasy, envy, has been experienced by people since the beginning of mankind.

Consciousness of the present moment
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Not even a molecule, not a thought, not an emotion, that you ever had, were all yours. We’re all part of a bigger plan. We are spots of a few threads, in the infinite cosmic fabric of energy, transformation and intelligence.

Buddhist theory recognizes that all stresses in life come either from the desire for capture or from aversion. When you attach yourself to something, be it a material object, a social position or a relationship, you limit your consciousness and accelerate disease and aging.

You accelerate aging because, on a subtle level, each attachment is accompanied by fear, fear of loss, fear of losing control, fear of losing the approval of others. When we evoke fear, we are in the physiology of stress, which accelerates biological aging.

Consciousness, opens infinite possibilities

Our mind is inclined to turn to something that we hope will bring us pleasure or to move away from something that we fear or cause us pain. Because of these trends or inclinations we are unable to stay in the present moment.

When you think outside the present moment, ask yourself, “what’s wrong with this moment?” You’ll notice that there are only two possibilities: whether you oppose it or not. If you oppose him, consciously leave yourself to his will, now and here. If you’re not in it, slowly come back to the present. Open yourself to the infinite opportunities that the present moment gives you.

You can cultivate the consciousness of the present moment by practicing a state of active observation, shifting your attention from what is observed, to the tacit testimony, of the present, of the observation. At the heart of the observation, return it to your self.

If you identify as the president of a company, the manager or owner of luxury items, your sense of self depends on an external source. This power factor derives from your attachment to the external source, bank account or relationship. When the attachment ceases, to the power factor, your power and sense of self also cease.

Consciousness of the present moment
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The opposite of the power factor comes from your inner connection to the spirit. At the heart of all observations and life experiences, of all attachments to people, situations and circumstances, lies the realm of consciousness of the all-present observation. This is your true self, this is your Spirit.

In active observation, you shift your attention from goal orientation to process orientation. You’re getting completely flexible. You are no longer attached to the result. You feel comfortable in the realm of uncertainty. When spirit is your inner reference point, you neither anticipate nor resist, you simply allow.

When you take a road, you intend to reach a certain destination, but if more interesting opportunities appear along the way, then you have the flexible inner attitude to get carried away by the current. It is a process that can be summarised as: “take everything as it comes”. The process becomes the goal itself.

Whenever we run for something, or retreat, anticipate or resist, it is good to turn our attention to our sitting and observing self. In this simple process of returning to yourself, you return to the present moment.

The present moment is the door to the realm of infinite possibilities. The present moment is characterized by infinite flexibility. Living the consciousness of the present moment, you stop aging.

When we evoke fear, we set in motion the physiology of stress that accelerates biological aging. We need to give up this fear to stop aging and even some associated diseases. It is good to give up resistance and accept change for a healthy mind and body.

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