The simplest natural remedy for a strong immune system

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Strong immune system

A strong immune system has the ability to protect the body from viruses, bacteria and toxins. When we suffer from congestion, cough, sore throat, colds, flu or problems with the sinuses it is good to resort to the natural pharmacy that brings us a lot of benefits. There are countless recipes with remedies from nature, easy to administer and above all without causing side effects to our body. And because a perfect life means first of all to be healthy, I propose you an extremely simple miracle recipe with huge benefits.

After any physical exertion or exercise consume turmeric! You can introduce it in juices, food or in the form of dietary supplements. It reduces the recovery period of muscles, ligaments, wrists after fitness exercises, reducing inflammation. The introduction of turmeric into the diet, will strengthen the immune system and protect the body from any disease.

Strong immune system with natural remedies

The juice that strengthens the immune system
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I propose a simple recipe to prepare whenever you feel your body weakened. A strong immune system will speed up the healing process and you will be able to continue your activities without feeling the inconvenience brought by diseases. You can prepare a juice containing turmeric and ginger that you can enjoy with small sips throughout the day. You can also prepare this juice when there are signals that we are getting a cold or flu, to help our body fight the pathogen.

Turmeric and ginger juice: turmeric root, ginger root (we can also use powder from these roots), 2 oranges, 4 cloves of garlic. We squeeze the ingredients in a juicer and drink the juice on the spot. Larger amounts of ingredients can be used for more juice. A cure is made for a few days or even longer until you feel refreshed.

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