Așteptând primăvara

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Spring miracle of new beginnings

Așteptând primăvara
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Spring brings the whole breath of plants back to life. We are bound by the rhythm of nature, and spring with beautiful weather inhibits our hunger center and opens our appetite for life, movement,air, green. Awakened as if from the long hibernation, all plants, herbs and flowers, color the landscape bringing us good mood.

In the spring we say goodbye to heavy foods, meat and fats, it’s the season of leaves, vegetables, crudités. Goodbye supermarkets, pastry shops and confectionery, it’s time to go out on the market. Spring is synonymous with greenery, no matter what color or name it bears: onions and garlic, nettles, sage and lobe, decoy, salad, dill and parsley.

Greens are the only foods for which there are no nutritional restrictions. In other words: the more, the better! Vitamin C, betacarotene (provitamin A), folic acid, minerals (iron, calcium, potassium), fiber and antioxidants, all abound in greens. And our body needs them more than ever.

Spring Detox

Așteptând primăvara
Image from Pixabay

After a long winter, anyone who benefits from a slimming or detoxificationcure, an adjustment of cholesterol levels in the blood, an improvement in immunity. Spring greens can work wonders, of course, provided we eat them as fresh, raw if possible or cooked as little as possible.

It’s good to choose to be vegetarian or, why not raw vegans a few weeks a year. It is not by chance that Easter fasting is right at this time. From grandparents and great-grandparents it is known that we need a spring infusion of health.

Vegetables and crudités have not yet revealed all their nutritional secrets and not a day goes by without scientists discovering a new beneficial substance from plants. Plant phytonutrients have a complex role, protect against disease and aging, help restore organs and tissues, prevent the development of cancer cells, maintain hormonal balance, reduce cholesterol and protect the heart.

Apart from unanimously known vitamins and minerals, these phytonutrients exist only in plants and cannot be synthesized in the laboratory. We go to the market and fill our baskets! We need supplies of iron and folic acid to get rid of anemia, so nothing simpler, nettles, spinach, stevia, all the green leaves contain them abundantly and if we cook them with tomato sauce and put vinegar or lemon in salads, the absorption of iron will increase by 30%.

Fill your soul with sun and heat

Image from Pixabay

Bring the greens to your table, take advantage and abuse the explosion of spring life. Charge your batteries with the earth’s pipe and fill your soul with sunshine and warmth! I did not want to make a nutritional argument where nature generously gives us health in all forms and colors.

Everything orange, red or green has carotene or lycopene and is good in salads or in food. Carotenoids are pigments that give color to plants and health to humans. Carotenoids are fat-soluble and are absorbed in the presence of fat.

Spring spices are widely found in onions and garlic, which contain organosulfuric compounds with antifungal, antimicrobial and antitumor properties. Also in the green leaves are concentrated flavonoids, antioxidant substances that block nitrates from food and toxins in the environment. Let’s make the most of the sun and spring!

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