10 Supreme rules for skin beauty

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Do we do anything for the beauty of the skin?

10 Supreme rules for skin beauty
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We do anything to have beautiful skin, and sometimes we wish everything would be a little simpler. We need to take into account some supreme rules for the beauty of the skin.

Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself

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Demaching is mandatory

One of the most important rules for skin beauty is makeup. Even if some of us manage to stay away from the makeup kit, we should take the same position in terms of skin cleansing. Even if we do not use powder or foundation, the skin is covered with an almost visible layer of impurities, well “maintained” by the skin’s own sebum.

We can use exactly the same daily cleaning product that we use when removing makeup. The makeup is done even in the eye area, even if I did not wear makeup. It would be advisable, to follow some rules, almost mandatory, that once a week, we use an abrasive product (for scrubbing), a microdermabrasion apparatus.

Facial treatment with microdermoabrasion, is done in a beauty clinic. Start with demaching, toning and exfoliating with microdermoabrasion. This increases the skin’s responsiveness to the following procedures. This stage of cosmetic treatment facilitates the absorption of specific products applied to the skin. Follow facial massage with the help of a serum and ultrasound treatment that warms the skin, allowing the wide penetration of active ingredients. Treatment ends with a specific mask and cream.

These methods of exfoliation stronger, than those used permanently, will make the daily cleansing ritual of the skin maintain beautiful and healthy skin for longer, despite daily aggressions.

Closing pores is the prelude to effective hydration

Tonic lotions play an extremely important role in the process of skin care, pore closure and skin preparation for hydration. Often ignoring this important rule in the process of cleansing the skin, we risk waking up with pimples, blackheads, open pores.

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You can use Grape Water, from Caudalie Paris, with a very high content of natural ingredients. Protects skin exposed to stress environmental factors, preventing dehydration, irritation, the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. This grape water, contains 100% organic product and very important does not contain preservatives or perfume. From Caudalie you can also use mycelar, hydrating and calming water with organic grape water and organic chamomile extract.

Another great example for moisturizing lotion is also Pixi Rose Tonic. This lotion has calming properties, being rich in nutrients, tones and balances the pH, minimizing the redness of the skin, softening it. It is ideal for sensitive skin, energizes and refreshes the skin, if we use it in the morning and evening after cleaning.

No day without hydration, one of the basic rules

Even if our skin does not manifest like the stomach deprived of food, the negative effects will not delay to appear: dry skin, irritation, tired appearance. Even makeup can’t do much for us when the complexion looks bad.

It is good to use a moisturizer every day. But it is not just the application of the cream, it is necessary to massage the skin for a few minutes, in order to make the hydration as effective as possible. One of the most important rules when performing face massage is to make it ascending, bottom to top, including on the neckline.

Biotherm Aqasource moisturizer is ideal for normal and mixed skin. It comes in the form of a moisturizing gel with a creamy, fresh texture that diffuses slightly into the skin. Importantly, it does not contain parabens and mineral oils. With this moisturizer, you’ll have a bright, fresh complexion all day long.

You can also use La Roche-Posay moisturizer with thermal water for normal and mixed skin. This cream deeply moisturizes the skin and reduces sensitivity, thanks to the hydrolipids that penetrate the epidermis, where it releases thermal water. Applying moisturizer calms the skin, restoring its freshness, without leaving the skin glossy.

Let’s not neglect lips

10 Supreme rules for skin beauty
Image from Pixabay

In China, the art of reading facial features is very popular. According to these principles, lips dry due to gastric stress. This principle refers to the fact that when we consume heavy foods, the digestive system is overworked, which is one of the reasons for dehydration.

Here’s another reason not to ignore fresh water, fruit and vegetables. But “internal” measures are not enough. It is good to exfoliate the lips two, three times a week, using a daily care treatment. It is not good to ever leave the house without applying a conditioner, lipstick, gloss, to prevent their cracking.

It is recommended to use products as natural as possible because the skin is very sensitive. The lip contour cream from Caudalie, contains peptides, vitamins C and E, as well as polyphenols with antioxidant effect. Caudalie creams are organic, regenerate the skin, detoxify and restore the skin structure, restoring its health.

Let’s choose the cream dedicated to skin typology

Not everything a friend of ours uses with a gorgeous complexion will work for us. So you can’t choose your care products according to this criteria. Those who often face dermatological problems, the best solution is to seek the advice of a dermatologist. It can guide the person with problems, choose the right products.

However, regardless of the category in which your skin is classified, you will be able to choose from a multitude of products dedicated to the typology of your skin. We should not neglect the contribution of care creams at night, they are much stronger and can act much better on clean, cleansed and relaxed skin.

Let’s respect the eye area

10 Supreme rules for skin beauty
Image from Pixabay

The delicate skin aroundthe eyes makes this area much more exposed to maturation. Therefore, eye contour care can be considered the most important part of skin hydration. Eye cream is always applied before the face cream (by massage, to stimulate microcirculation), even if we avoid the area when we moisturize our skin.

You can try Eye Contour Cream from Caudalie. It has an anti-wrinkle effect for the contours of the eyes, blurring the cares. Contains stabilized peptides, vitamin C and E, with antioxidant effect.

Avene Physiolift eye contour cream is a calming product, recommended sensitive skin around the eyes. Thanks to the formula based on moisturizing agents, the cream protects the eyelids and eye contours, reduces irritation and redness. This cream combats bags under the eyes and reduces dark waxes, having in its composition thermal water, mineral oil, glycerin and Bisabolol.

Mandatory rule, sun protection! It’s not just a summer measure

The sun does not go on holiday after the end of summer, nor should the protection be interrupted. It is good to apply SPF lotion even on days when the sun looks behind the clouds or to make it easier for us, it is good to buy products with built-in protection factor.

You can try Neutrogena day cream with built-in SPF. It contains retinol, which stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and increases the production of its own collagen and elastin. The cream contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, which helps to renew the skin, restoring its elasticity.

Too much makeup spoils

A break of a few days in which we limit ourselves to a tinting cream or a light foundation and possibly some mineral makeup, lip balm, will give the skin the opportunity to show what “can”. Even if the care program will be the same, the intensity of makeup will be lower, and the skin’s responsiveness to ingredients much higher.

If you’re at work and a basket is announced, hands down! Wipe the area gently with a cleanser napkin, then apply an anti-basket treatment to meet its evolution. It is good to always carry in your purse an anti-basket product such as Clinique products.

We use products adapted to the season

Whether we are talking about moisturizer or foundation, the season is the first argument in choosing the formula. If in summer we use non-oily, water-based products, towards the end of autumn we can start using oil-based products to keep the skin hydrate levels high, especially if we are dealing with a dry skin.

Let’s choose antioxidants

Even when we choose to eat healthy, it’s hard to decide what to eat. If there is such a generous offer, we can opt for as many antioxidant-rich foods that keep us safe from free radicals and delay the maturation of the skin.

The most antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables are orange ones, rich in betacarotene, foods containing vitamin C (reds, broccoli, peppers, kiwis, berries and citrus fruits) and vitamin E ( seeds, wheat germs, nuts,beans, fish), products with lipoic acid ( beetroot, spinach ) and coenzyme Q10 (mackerel, eggs, seeds,soy oil).

Beauty should start from heart and soul, otherwise cosmetics are useless

Coco Chanel

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